BlockShow Conference: Using the first blockchain-based polling app at the Berlin Conference

BlockShow Conference: Using the first blockchain-based polling app at the Berlin Conference

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Answer BlockShow Conference: Using the first blockchain-based polling app at the Berlin Conference

Conference selected BlockShow Europe 2018To use the first application based on blockchain technology for opinion polling during the activities of the Berlin conference this May. and will run Poll As part of the conference activities on May 28 and 29 to select the most important distinguished women leaders and the most important projects capable of changing the current landscape by building tools and providing services that help develop and improve products for the better.

This will be made Polls by using PoliceIt is a secure, transparent, easy-to-use and disseminate system that enables the creation of polls based on blockchain technology.

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You can get acquainted with the list of influential women and representatives of important projects such as Golem, PitaPesa, Bancor, SatoshiLabs, Aragon, SAP and HSBC, and they are as follows:

Elizabeth Rossello – CEO of BitPesa

Ming Chan – CEO of the Ethereum Foundation

Marion Vogel – Director at Project Aeternity

Shermine Fuschmegir – Director of the Research Institute of Crypto Economics and the Foundation for BlockchainHub

Alexandra Skrzybzack – Co-founder of Golem

Galia Bennerzi – Co-founder of Bancor

Gina Contreno – developer at Lisk

Ryan Lewis – Founder of London Women in Bitcoin

Alina Vranova – former CEO and co-founder of the SatoshiLabs . project

Maria Gomez – Strategy and Operations Division at Project Aragon

Diana Bigs – Head of Innovation and Business Model at HSBC

Dr. Que Fu Reinhard – Co-founder of the HIT . Foundation

Eileen Fitzgerald – Executive Vice President at Cardano

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Jesse Baker – Founder of the Provenance Project

Manon Burgel – Chief Operations Officer for B2Expand

Attendees will also be able to vote to rank Europe’s most influential blockchain companies, including the following projects: Ethereum, IOTA, Cosmos, Lisk, Bitfury, ICON, Raiden Network, Populous, Polkadot, Golem, Status, Aeternity, Bancor, Cardano, SingularityNET, Sirin Labs, Gnosis, Maecenas, WePower, Origintrail and Iconomi.

Voting is open to all, and the winners will be announced during the conference. If you want to vote, you can do so over here.

About BlockShow

The BlockShow Europe conference is dedicated to discovering the most important innovations taking place in the world of blockchain, both at the level of Europe and at the global level. It will bring together more than 3000 participants and more than 150 projects, in addition to more than 80 speakers of internationally recognized experts from banks, institutions and multiple global industries. BlockShow Europe will allow the most innovative and promising projects in the blockchain world to present themselves to visitors. In addition to topics on how to improve global industries such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cyber ​​Security and many others. Representatives of European central banks and governments will share their experiences and visions in the blockchain technology conference, which will be held on May 28-29 in Berlin, Germany.

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