Criptoreal Currency: Brazilian Currency, Masternode Details and Roadmap

Criptoreal Currency: Brazilian Currency, Masternode Details and Roadmap

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Answer Criptoreal Currency: Brazilian Currency, Masternode Details and Roadmap

In a previous article (Critporal Currency: The Brazilian Currency to Resolve the Economic Crisis) in which the advantages of the Critporeal currency and the solution it is working on were discussed, today we would like to present to you the technical details of the currency and the details of its masternode.

Introduction to Criptoreal

Cryptoreal is targeting the Brazilian market because of its crypto-friendly features. With a population of more than 200 million people, Brazil is ranked fifth in the world, and has a large proportion of e-commerce that depends on the principle of business to customer (B2C) exceeding 40% at the level of the South American continent.

However, the state still suffers from administrative corruption, bureaucracy, and high fees for financial institutions, which in some cases reach 20% for each transaction. However, e-commerce continues to grow steadily in Brazil at 8% annually, so the goal of Critporeal Coin is to overcome these obstacles and develop the e-commerce industry in Brazil and South America.

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Technical aspects of Criptoreal

Currency name: CRS

Their number: 202.5000.000

Genesis Block: January 31, 2018

Division: Block 825000 (approximately 38 months)

Blocks: 120 seconds

Algorithm: Lyra2z

Difficulty: Each block (DGW v3)

Entrances: 5511 – 5512

The number in circulation now: Click here for details

Masternode: active

Masternode Warranty: 50,000 CRS

For (IntaSend): Active

For (PrivaSend): Active

Governance: January 2019


For Criptoreal coin, it offers POW and Masternode and below you find the reward details


From block 0 to 5000: 6 CRS – It’s finished

From block 5001 to 5190: 120 CRS which is 100% – – It’s finished

From block 5190 to 10230: 72 CRS representing 60% – – It’s finished

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From block 10230 to split: 60 CRS which is 50% – – active

What about the masternode?

From block 0 to 5190 = 0 CRS – – It’s finished

From mass 5190 to 10230 = 48 CR which is 40% – – It’s finished

From block 10230 to split = 60 CRS which is 50% – active


The Criptoreal Road stage has been divided into 6 stages, which are as follows:

Phase One – 02/2018 to 03/2018 – Launch

Desktop wallets (completed)

Masternode payments (after block 5190)

Phase Two – 03/2018 to 05/2018 – Marketing

Sponsorship of the e-sports tournament

Marketing campaigns on Facebook and Twitter

Advertising campaign on CoinTraffic

The third stage – 06/2018 to 11/2018 – growth

The first commercial services to accept CRS as a method of payment

mobile wallet

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Develop add-ons for e-commerce systems such as (woocommerce, magento, etc.)

web hosting

platform for members

Email Marketing Platform

Fourth stage – 11/2018 to 12/2018 – integration

This phase will focus on the growth of CRS, capturing a share of the Brazilian and Latin American market, adding a number of services and networking with partners.

Fifth stage – 01/2019 to 12/2019 – show benefits

This stage is to move CRS to the next stage, here the actual benefits of using CRS will be shown to people who are not familiar with digital and cryptocurrencies and these benefits are:

Educating the benefits

Abolishing the role of mediator

Time, cheat and cost

Self-service (example: paying for parking in commercial malls)

development of public utilities

Integration with non-profit organizations

crowdfunding platforms

Sixth stage – 2020 – platforms

Decenex – a decentralized peer-to-peer trading platform

Launch of DECENEX, a decentralized trading platform for buying and selling CRS on a peer-to-peer basis

In order to avoid intermediaries, a distributed ledger is relied upon and audited by independents

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