Criptoreal Currency: The Brazilian Currency to Solve the Economic Crisis

Criptoreal Currency: The Brazilian Currency to Solve the Economic Crisis

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Answer Criptoreal Currency: The Brazilian Currency to Solve the Economic Crisis

Introduction to Cryptoreal Currency

Criptoreal currency is a decentralized digital currency, its goal is to solve the main issues facing our society at the present time, most notably the lack of transparency, the misuse of the wealthy for the rest of the population without an account such as the illegal ownership of public funds, corruption and illegal enrichment, and the platform will solve these problems and issues using blockchain technology Sophisticated Blockchain.

The platform believes that these advanced technologies may help the population in distributing wealth and power to individuals and to the place it belongs to, and the idea of ​​​​creating the platform was originally originating from the Brazilian team of the site, where Brazil has the highest banking fees and one of the worst levels of services in the entire world, as Credit card acquirers and other brokers have one of the slowest and most expensive liquidations of funds in the entire world.

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Criptoreal goals

Perhaps one of the most important goals of Criptoreal is to counter fraud and monopoly in the country where the platform will transfer digital assets and the platform will rely on the CRS token to transfer funds. The platform also aims to reduce the number of people involved in a single transaction, increase the speed at which a single transaction is processed by using user-friendly user interfaces and this will translate into lower cost systems than the current financial system in Brazil, and aims to reduce the problems of bureaucratic processes slow, costly and centralized lack of transparency by introducing open source code to incentivize audits, system utility and prevent information tampering and will facilitate the transaction process for both parties, eliminating brokerage costs and ensuring there are no concessions, limits or contracts for free peer-to-peer negotiations, The implementation will benefit retailers, service providers, point-of-sale devices and online gaming platforms.

Criptoreal Features

  • The platform relies in its system on advanced blockchain technology, which will solve the problems of lack of transparency and restore power to the place it belongs to.
  • The platform will solve the problems of high bank fees and credit card problems in Brazil and then expand to Latin America.
  • The platform will use their own cryptocurrency called CRS, and the developers of this cryptocurrency intend to expand its adoption in South America.
  • Open source code has been introduced to the platform, to incentivize audits and system utility, prevent information tampering, facilitate transactions between both parties while eliminating brokerage costs and ensuring there are no concessions, limits or contracts for free peer-to-peer negotiations.
  • With the Criptoreal protocol, you can send and receive assets across the world in just seconds instead of days as happens with traditional and centralized institutions.
  • These technologies will benefit both online retailers and service providers, point-of-sale terminals and online gaming platforms.
  • The platform has a large working team, their first goal is to confront fraud and solve bank problems in Brazil and South America by decentralizing the platform using advanced technology and techniques.

cursive solution

Criptoreal aims to solve many problems that were facing many residents of Brazil and South America, from the rise in bank fees and the difficulty of transactions via credit cards there. Brokerage costs have helped a lot of online retailers and service providers.

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