Project Neblio: A platform for creating cryptocurrency and decentralized applications

Project Neblio: A platform for creating cryptocurrency and decentralized applications

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Answer Project Neblio: A platform for creating cryptocurrency and decentralized applications

Project NEBILO (NEBL) is a blockchain-based platform targeting The field of applications and services for companies and institutions. The platform is capable of creating new tokens or (icons) by other developers and create and central applications )dabs(The platform is also targeted to release an API)RESTful API(in 8 different programming languages)C++, Python, Go, JS, Ruby, .NET, Java, Node.js). Thus, the platform provides for anyone with basic programming skills to connect to a block Neblio.

Created NEBLIO on the system proof of stake It is simply a system in which each wallet helps to confirm transactions and transfers on the block chain to get cryptocurrencies in return without the need for equipment such as mining equipment. How is that? The amount of the digital and encrypted currency that you own determines the amount that you will obtain with a return rate of 10% annually, and one of the advantages of this system is energy savings as it does not require any mining devices such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or cloud mining, and its advantages are also the speed of transactions and transfers and there is enough space for years Coming to develop the system and increase the number of transfers and transactions per second.

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Platform Features NEBLIO without any other

The platform allows you to develop your own applications using the platform (RESTful API). The platform facilitates users who do not have experience in the field of technology and are interested in creating special applications supported by blockchain technology. 8 different programming languages ​​as mentioned earlier. The ease of use of the system will allow companies and institutions to adopt the platform and benefit from its capabilities.

The development of applications distributed on the platform also helps in storing, accessing, and using platforms information and data quickly. You can also easily manage contracts and create custom applications based on customer needs.

A web wallet that supports the new tokens that will be hosted on the . platform has already been released NEBLIO These symbols are called NTP1 codes It is similar to what is known as Erc20 On the Ethereum platform, any user can create their own token in less than 5 minutes at a low price .

Additional information about the project

Start of group selling: August 6, 2017

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End of crowdfunding: August 20, 2017

Collective selling price: $0.20


E-wallet website:

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