After its price exceeded $ 15,000 … Is Bitcoin a bubble?

After its price exceeded $ 15,000 … Is Bitcoin a bubble?

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Answer After its price exceeded $ 15,000 … Is Bitcoin a bubble?

Trading in digital and cryptocurrencies is now gaining the attention of many investors, and speaking of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is one of the most popular digital currencies that are traded in the market.

Being the largest digital currency in the market, due to its popularity with investors around the world, anyone can find it in many different trading platforms, and deal with it as an ideal and reliable asset for trading through the platforms and contracts placed in it.

For the beginner, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin can be obtained in exchange for a real currency, which is the dollar, through platforms dedicated to cryptocurrency trading. Simply put, it does not differ from the dollar or even the euro and any other real currency except that it is just a token or a non-real crypto digital currency that is used over the Internet in a decentralized manner.

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It does not have any physical presence, but there are many stores around that accept it and can be converted even to the recognized currencies, whether the dollar or the euro and so on.

Is Bitcoin a Bubble? And what is the reason for this?

The currency’s recent rises above $15,000 have made many people wonder if Bitcoin is one of the economic bubbles that is about to fall and disappear or will it continue to rise. Note that the current year witnessed high volatility of the currency and experienced a lot of fluctuations in prices, which attracted many attention to it.

Many people have attributed the approaching of the Bitcoin bubble to the increase in the number of users and at the same time the absence of any additional value to support the price of the currency, and to the question whether Bitcoin is more like a bubble.

If the bubble is defined as a massive increase in size due to speculation, which means that it swells to the point of bursting, then it faces a sharp drop in prices. What is meant here is the price in the case of Bitcoin as its price has risen in a short period of time, which makes it natural for some to think so.

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And that there is a lot of historical evidence of products or commodities that went through the Bitcoin stage of highs and then disappeared and faded, but we see that Bitcoin is different from other products or other commodities, and it has many characteristics that will not make it subject to collapse and fading.

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The most important thing that distinguishes Bitcoin from others is the presence of a small and limited amount of it, which does not allow it to be counterfeited, so it is considered the best currency in the new world of technology, since everyone is now turning to investing online, so they transfer their real cash to Bitcoin – the number is limited – which has caused the increasing demand for it .

Bitcoin is also characterized by decentralization, which means the inability to be controlled by central banks or countries, in addition to the impossibility of counterfeiting, which adds stability and independence in the long run.

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