Crypto exchange CoinEx launches NFT rugby players to host RLWC 2021

Crypto exchange CoinEx launches NFT rugby players to host RLWC 2021

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Answer Crypto exchange CoinEx launches NFT rugby players to host RLWC 2021

The Rugby World Cup (RLWC) 2021 has kicked off and the tournament will continue for another two weeks.

CoinEx, the exclusive partner in the RLWC 2021 cryptocurrency platform, has announced that it will list CoinEx Rugby Players NFTs, a series of NFTs co-branded by CoinEx and RLWC 2022, on OneSwap NFT, the latter of which is an NFT marketplace. It will soon be published on the CoinEx Smart (CSC) blockchain.

When NFT meets sport:

Since CryptoPunks introduced pixel art into NFT, all kinds of image formats and art styles, which include animation, mechanics, and simplicity, have entered the NFT market.

This led to the emergence of famous NFT holders last year, and also led to higher prices for NFTs.

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Subsequently, major companies in various sectors soon followed suit and also began to follow NFT innovations, focusing on artwork and collectibles.

Drawing on its unique proprietary features in the digital world, NFT has tremendous potential across the board.

However, compared to categories like GameFi and Artistic, the sports industry offers only a few NFTs.

Against this backdrop, NFT, in partnership with CoinEx, offers rugby players an opportunity for major sports leagues to enter the NFT market.

This new NFT Network represents the cross-sector collaboration between NFT and the mainstream sports community.

It is a good practice that mixes blockchain and sports.

As evidence of ownership of crypto assets, NFT will fuel the growth of the sports ticket market, and NFT sports holdings are expected to reach $92 billion by 2032, according to research data provided by Market Decipher.

Over the past few years, the real-world sports memorabilia market has always been driven by huge demands, which has allowed for a significant increase in prices.

However, due to geographical restrictions, physical memorabilia are not readily available to sports fans around the world.

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On the other hand, CoinEx Rugby NFT transcends all barriers and allows rugby fans from all over the world to purchase RLWC memorabilia on OneSwap NFT anytime and anywhere.

OneSwap NFT is an NFT marketplace recently launched by CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC).

The platform acts as a bridge between NFT sellers and buyers, allowing users to mint, buy and sell crypto artwork and digital collectibles.

OneSwap NFT covers NFT categories that include charity, arts, entertainment, games, sports and collectibles, making NFT trading easier through user-friendly web pages and easy processes.

OneSwap NFT, built on the CSC blockchain, offers minimal gas fees thanks to its guaranteed CSC efficiency and low prices.

In addition, the market allows users to issue NFT for free, which reduces the cost of minting.

Unlike most NFT marketplaces that require hefty fees ranging from 2.5% to 15% per NF transaction, OneSwap NFT charges a flat fee of only 2%.

This price is suitable for the NFT holder as it is lower than the price charged by most NFT markets.

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Where to get CoinEx Rugby Players NFT?

Log in to OneSwap (, and connect your wallet to your OneSwap account.

Click on “Collections” on the NFT page, and select “CoinEx Rugby Players.”

Choose your favorite NFT in the group, and click it to make a bid.

During RLWC 2021, we witnessed how sporting events can stimulate the cryptocurrency economy.

In particular, NFT has become one of the most viewed categories of crypto and is now valuable in social interactions thanks to its unique proprietary features.

By connecting the crypto space with mainstream communities, NFT has become a real-world identity or credential, so NFT is increasingly integrated with sports.

The NFT for CoinEx Rugby players is a case that illustrates the successful combination of the cryptocurrency economy and the major sporting event.

CoinEx is looking to see more NFTs across sectors on OneSwap NFT.

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