The first vending machine for non-fungible NFT tokens installed in Europe

The first vending machine for non-fungible NFT tokens installed in Europe

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Answer The first vending machine for non-fungible NFT tokens installed in Europe

MyNFT will install its first-ever digital collectibles vending machine in London next week.

The vending machines will be launched at the NFT Conference in London next week at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre.

The machine will make access to digital holdings easy for everyone.

I told MyNFT The new vending machines will help connect NFT to the real world.

The NFT vending machines will feature artists from Dr. Who Worlds Apart, Thunderbirds, and Delft Blue Night Watch.

According to MyNFT, prices for the NFT will range anywhere from £10 to £100.

Hugo McDonough, co-founder of MyNFT told:

There is a lot of potential in the NFT market and it is a shame to see some of it go down the drain when potential investors are late to participate due to the many unnecessary and complex barriers.

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… We are determined to turn an NFT investment into an everyday investment.

Automated teller machines to display digital assets:

MyNFT’s NFT Display and Vending Machine has been rated as the first NFT vending machine in the EU and UK.

Just as most technological innovations need a leader to thrive, so NFT vending machines will grow in number and spread all over the world if the incubation is as positive as expected.

While data from CoinATMRadar shows that there are currently a total of 38,748 Bitcoin ATMs in the world with the US accounting for more than 90% of the total amount, the emergence of NFT vending machines could also herald a future where the quantity and ubiquity of these outlets dedicated to digital collectibles can To be clearly defined.

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