Huobi looks to move its headquarters to a new area…Details here

Huobi looks to move its headquarters to a new area…Details here

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Answer Huobi looks to move its headquarters to a new area…Details here

Huobi Global, which operates one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of daily transaction volume, has hinted that it is moving its headquarters from Seychelles to a Caribbean island nation.

Huobi was acquired by About Capital Management last month after founder Leon Lee moved to sell his stake in the company.

There were reports at the time that Justin Sun had already taken over the platform, however, the billionaire crypto pioneer denied the claim.

It was later revealed that Sun was appointed to the Huobi Global board of directors as a special advisor, and since then, the platform has played a prominent role in shaping decisions that limit the trading platform’s operational efficiencies.

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While the exact choice of country in the Caribbean has yet to be determined, Sun noted that Panama, Dominica and the Bahamas remain at the top of the list.

Justin Sun has increased his influence in the Caribbean over the past year and is currently serving as Grenada’s permanent representative to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

In a very bullish move for the ecosystem, Sun said he met Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and that Huobi will play a prominent role in helping the country develop its own crypto framework.

He added:

The Caribbean…is a very crypto-friendly community…and I think at the moment Dominica is one of the top leaderboards.

Skerrit (Prime Minister of Dominica) is a tech-savvy person.

He understands how crypto and technology work.

Sun’s push to move Huobi’s headquarters to the Caribbean would follow a similar move by Sam Bankman Fred, who moved the FTX platform from Hong Kong to the region last year.

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