69% of retail investors are unfazed by crypto winter 2022

69% of retail investors are unfazed by crypto winter 2022

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Answer 69% of retail investors are unfazed by crypto winter 2022

Most retail investors are still very interested in investing in cryptocurrencies despite experiencing what is arguably the worst bear market in the history of the crypto market.

According to report In a recent survey conducted by social trading platform eToro, more than two-thirds of retail investors, or nearly 69%, revealed they were positive or had mixed feelings about the impact of the prolonged market downturn recorded last year.

The remaining third, around 31%, stated that they are wary of investing in the industry after the major crash.

Commenting on this renewed interest from retail investors in the crypto market, Ben Ledler, Global Markets Strategist at eToro, stated:

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The fact that two-thirds of retail investors are feeling apathetic and even more positive after the markets’ worst year in a generation may sound bizarre.

But the majority of this group has been thinking for years and decades.

For those with longer time horizons, 2022 provided an opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies at lower valuations, which improves the outlook for long-term returns.

The return of investor confidence after the risk of inflation decreased:

The report, which included 10,000 retail investors from 13 countries and three continents, reveals that the biggest driver of renewed investor confidence in investing in cryptocurrencies is the waning fear of the perceived threat of inflation.

The study found that at the end of the third quarter of 2022, about 24% of retail investors considered the perceived threat of inflation to be the greatest risk to their investment portfolios.

By the end of 2022, inflation concern had dropped to 19%, while around 22% of respondents cited a global recession as the main threat to their investment portfolios going forward into 2023.

As a result, many investors are adjusting their investment portfolios, increasing cash allocations to 50% and adding more defensive assets such as investing in healthcare and utilities.

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Young Investors Prove More Risk Tolerant:

The survey also found that younger investors have the least fear of the cryptocurrency market, while older investors looking forward to imminent retirement are hesitant.

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About 76% of young retail investors between the ages of 18 and 34 feel positive or apathetic about the downside, while only 60% of older investors over the age of 55 feel the same way about the cryptocurrency market.

The report added:

2022 will be the first major bear market for many less experienced retail investors, yet the data shows that older investors with shorter retirement prospects are the ones feeling the downside the most.

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