The truth about NFTS tokens

The truth about NFTS tokens

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Answer The truth about NFTS tokens

I will not go into explaining the conventional definition of NFT. It is enough to write the meaning of NFT in the search engine and you will find your goal, but here we are going to show the other side of the symbols that are not replaceable.

The truth about NFTS tokens

1- Tokens are not replaceable by fake offers with mathematical algorithms.

Everyone knows that the most trivial thing that can be sold in this strange world, but even the worst that you can imagine, you will find on offer at exorbitant prices, and the most dangerous of that, you will find that someone bought it and is thinking of reselling it again, and this is a kind of madness that cannot be explained logically…. So we will try to explain this madness from our humble point of view in the field of cryptocurrency.

2- Fraud is the reason for its emergence and spread. Nfts

Indeed, you may not accept this hypothesis, but I will prove to you with evidence and logic. If you follow this strange world, you will find that the rate of fraud and fraud reached its highest in the year 2019-2020, and projects appeared empty of content and strategy and without a work team, they are just projects copied from an old successful project, and by virtue of that New traders do not differentiate between the strong and the weak project, and all they care about is buying a large amount of currencies and keeping them in order to become rich, which is what happened with the owners of the Dogecoin currency. Similar currencies appeared and harvested millions of dollars and became helpless in how to extract them to the ground. NFT is the legal outlet, so how is it.

3- Tokens are not replaceable, a legal solution to money laundering

The owners of Chitcoin projects found it difficult to transfer huge funds from electronic wallets to their personal accounts, so they thought of exploiting the idea of ​​NFT by creating simple and meaningless symbols sometimes because they originally did not know art, their only understanding is not the digitization of art with the Blockchain, but rather the legitimization of the transfer of huge funds before international courts.
When the accused stands in front of the court, he will tell them that he sold the NFT token on a private blockchain on this site, and the transaction will be confirmed and will be present and documented, and therefore his money is sound and legitimate…but the truth is the opposite.
The truth is that this money is originally the money of investors who participated in cryptocurrency projects and set them up, and to transfer the money they create NFT symbols and graphics that are sold between fraudsters and money launderers only. It remains in their possession and they never ask about it, except for those who made a mistake in their way towards it, they will lose their money forever.

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Money laundering


There are real projects in NFT, but they are few and the profits are few as well, contrary to what is being promoted. The truth, my rolling brother, is the opposite of what you see. I hope the post has enlightened you even a little of this strange world.

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