EverGrow makes passive income without the hassle of trading

EverGrow makes passive income without the hassle of trading

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Answer EverGrow makes passive income without the hassle of trading

The world of digital currencies is developing very quickly, as well as research and innovation to find profitable projects in a short time, and this is what made digital currencies the best way to get rich quickly and effortlessly. Today, we will share with you an explanation of the EverGrow coin project with innovative ideas that rarely meet in one project, and they are modern ideas that do not require much effort or in-depth knowledge in trading and do not consume your precious time.

EVERGROC COIN brings you passive income without the hassle of trading

1- Draft coin Evergrow

The EverGrow project appeared during the first two weeks of this month, and it started to develop tremendously, although the few of you who took advantage of the opportunity and joined the category of early investors are now making significant daily profits and effortlessly.

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The basic idea of ​​the project revolves around several projects that the currency development team is working on, a decentralized platform project similar to PancakeSwap, then a platform for non-replaceable tokens, and most importantly, an hourly profit collection application, which depends mainly on several variables, the most important of which are:

  1. The number of tokens you have in your wallet.
  2. Daily trading volume is an evolving indicator and is a great determinant of profit value.
  3. The total number of the currency or what is known Balserklin supply.
  4. 8% of the profits generated from each sale and purchase.
This picture clearly illustrates this:
  1. If you own 1 billion EverGrow coins, you will earn $1.84 per day if the trading volume is $10 million.
  2. And if you own 10 billion of the currency, your daily income will be approximately $ 18.16.
  3. If you own $100 billion, your daily passive income will be $181.
  4. If you own 1 trillion pills, your daily income will be $1816.
Do not be surprised by the size of the currency, as the number of currencies is almost due to the Sheba currency, and therefore it is natural to talk about millions and billions of beads or tokens..Therefore, be in the race to possess the largest number before the price of the currency rises and investing in it becomes difficult, as happened in the currencies of SHIBA and SAFEMOON.

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This picture below shows the reward system that the project operates on, and it is frankly a transparent and very attractive distribution if we compare it to the existing projects today, which operate in almost the same methodology.

$Evergrow It is a deflationary symbol that is designed to become rarer over time. all carriers EGC You will earn 8% bonus from every buy/sell transaction in Binance BUSD Binancewhich is automatically sent to your wallet as soon as you press $EGC in your wallet.

We point out an important point related to the daily profits, as the profits are distributed in dollars of the BUSD platform.


2- Here is some important information about the EGC coin projectEVERGROC COIN . Project

  1. Project name: EverGrow
  2. Currency abbreviation: EGC
  3. Total Coin Size: Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 EGC
  4. Amount of coin circulating in the market: 492,750.00B EGC
  5. Amount of coin burned: Tokens Burned: 511,707,362,202,651 EGC (51.17%).

4- Areas that a project team specializes in Evergrow

  1. art
  2. the shop
  3. a program
  4. Collectibles and NFTs
  5. Create content
  6. DeFi
  7. entertainment
  8. stablecoins
  9. Staking
  10. DApp

5- RoadMap

EverGrow makes passive income without the hassle of trading

General summary:

To disclaim all responsibility, we advise you to do your own research and search for the project on social media platforms. Here are the most important external links related to the project:

And you can ask questions on the content site through the word “Ask a question” at the top of the site, where we answer your questions in a short time

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