Binance platform is under investigation, withdraw your balance and watch the market from afar!

Binance platform is under investigation, withdraw your balance and watch the market from afar!

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Answer Binance platform is under investigation, withdraw your balance and watch the market from afar!

First, this topic is not new, but it is brought up with every violent bleeding of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and secondly, I am not new to the cryptocurrency market to state that the Binance platform is in danger of closing, or that I heard slang words or that I have a negative attitude on the platform or or a certain party leads me.

Rather, I am almost sure that the matter is out of control, and I am interested in the interests of the followers of the blog and the protection of their balances, and I want to emphasize that the Binance platform is no longer just an ordinary platform for trading cryptocurrencies, but rather has become a global market and a huge financial entity sprawling in various countries, and it embraces very large financial liquidity capable of trading. Creating a financial crisis in the cryptocurrency market.

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Investigation with the Bananas platform

More dangerous than this, the Binance platform is vulnerable to hacking and piracy at any moment, and the matter does not stop at this, but it is about protecting users’ funds, which in turn is guaranteed by international and local laws of countries and financial and economic blocs.

The United States of America is on the list of countries most keen on the property and money of its citizens, and this is exactly what portends an in-depth investigation into the Binance platform, and of course the investigation will not take place and circulation is open to it, which means that the temporary closure is a security necessity. The issue of resuming trading on it remains a pending issue that may last a year or decades, and the examples of that are many.

Experiments with global platforms and sites closed without warning.

There are many financial platforms for trading digital currencies that have closed their faces to their users without warning, or on the pretext that they have been hacked or that they are subjected to legal and financial pressures by some governments, but what is the fate of those seized funds, of course you will answer that they are under investigation and that was the case With Cryptopia, Ether Delta, Levcoin, CoinExchange, BitBazz, Bitconnect, Alancoin, Regalcoin and the list is long.

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Binance is under investigation on suspicion of money laundering

The activities of the digital platform Binance have once again caught the attention of US regulators. According to Bloomberg News, Binance is set to undergo an active investigation by the CFTC. Because of the potential to offer digital assets products to US citizens in contravention of US regulations.
achieve binance

Currently, the world’s largest cryptocurrency platform, Binance, may be the subject of an investigation by the Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service, according to reports from Bloomberg.

Cryptocurrency analytics firm Chainalysis reported that in 2019, about $756 million of the $2.8 billion suspicious transactions involving Bitcoin passed through Binance. Chainalysis concluded last year that of the transactions it examined, more funds linked to criminal activity flowed through Binance than any other crypto exchange.
US officials have grown concerned that cryptocurrencies are being used to hide illegal transactions, including theft and drug deals, and that Americans who have made windfall by betting on the rapidly rising market are evading taxes.

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The reason behind the investigation with the exchange platform

It is common knowledge that if a digital asset exchange or platform offers its products to customers within the United States, they generally must register with the CFTC. States may have other specific requirements, for example, New York requires that any company that conducts digital asset activities in New York State must apply for a specific license called “BitLicense.” Doing business without such a license is a felony.

Here is the best way to protect your investment in the event that an investigation begins with the Binance exchange.

First method:
Withdraw your money from the Binance platform during this period between 2021-2022, and distribute it to cold electronic wallets. or buy nano wallet or safepal . wallet and store your money and cryptocurrency with peace of mind.
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Second method:
Withdraw your profits from the platforms and transfer them to your bank account until the storm subsides and re-enter again, and here is the best site for transferring your money from digital currencies to your bank, even if you are in the Arab countries. Website link here

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a summary:

The goal of this post is to shake feelings and a sense of disappointment before you fall into it, and start the process of confining to the past, why or I had or if, so do your own research and study the experiences of previous fraudulent platforms, and do not take your passion for a platform or currency that is just fake projects , and may seize at any moment.

So distribute your balance to a group of platforms and wallets, and do not invest in new and fraudulent currencies, focus well before choosing any currency or any platform, sometimes the currency is strong and a successful project, but it may be on an inauthentic platform and the opposite may happen.

The market is currently down, and the “crypto cycle” may be over during this season, and any entry for you in this period is an inevitable loss and a financial suicide, and it may be related to a violent correction of Bitcoin for a strong rise, but between this and that, be careful, mostly Your entry may be late and you may be the victim, this is how the days taught us.

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