attention! Withdraw your funds from the CoinExchange platform before May 30, 2021

attention! Withdraw your funds from the CoinExchange platform before May 30, 2021

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Answer attention! Withdraw your funds from the CoinExchange platform before May 30, 2021

CoinExchange opens its website and allows traders to withdraw their outstanding balances for more than two years.

First we point out that Quan Exchange platform currency exchange It was one of the best platforms that made a huge profit, and it did not defraud or defraud users as some promote, but before closing its site, it told us in an e-mail, and placed an advertisement on its official website, and we were able to withdraw the balance within the specified time.

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attention!  Withdraw your funds from the CoinExchange platform before May 30, 2021

But, unfortunately, some traders did not know this news, so their funds were seized on the platform since October of the year 2019 until today, and the platform has reopened its site again to allow them to withdraw the balance on the platform, so if you are one of the people who did not know or were able to Withdraw their balances on the platform, this is the last chance to withdraw or your balance will become among the abandoned currencies.

The withdrawal method is very normal, as soon as you log into your account on the platform, the platform will provide you with the total of your stored currencies, and then write to support and you will get your full balance, of course after deducting a small part of the fees.

Summarizing the message and withdrawal method according to the laws of the Quan Exchange platform

Important note!

As previously announced on October 1, 2019, managers decided to close the platform. On October 15, 2019, all trading and deposits were suspended and on December 3, 2019 the platform was closed.

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We ask you to withdraw any cryptocurrency no later than May 30, 2021 (GMT). If you wish to withdraw your digital currency, please click the button below to start the process. A fee will be charged based on costs plus a margin/percentage of funds withdrawn which will be determined at the end of the claim period.

You must submit a request to withdraw your digital currency no later than May 30, 2021 (time Greenwich). Any Cryptocurrency that has not been withdrawn after this date (or if no request for withdrawal of such currency has been submitted by this date) is considered obsolete.. In other words, you are relinquishing or relinquishing any right, title or claim to this Digital Currency.

This notice constitutes a closure notice as provided in paragraph 22 of the Terms and Conditions Governing

In order to submit a withdrawal request, the following conditions must be met:

  1. You must have a username and password to log in.
  2. You must have access to your registered email address.
  3. If your account is two-factor authentication (2FA) protected, you must have two-factor authentication (2FA) available to log in.
  4. A KYC ID verification must be submitted.

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