OneSwap Launches NFT Marketplace on the CoinEx Blockchain: Art Meets DeFi

OneSwap Launches NFT Marketplace on the CoinEx Blockchain: Art Meets DeFi

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Answer OneSwap Launches NFT Marketplace on the CoinEx Blockchain: Art Meets DeFi

On September 29, OneSwap, a popular decentralized platform among the NFT community, launched a marketplace for NFT tokens built on the CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) blockchain.

The new platform is a combination of arts and innovative decentralized finance from CoinEx with the goal of empowering artists, fostering collaboration and encouraging creative work.

Of all the NFTs, CryptoPunks might impress the deepest NFT followers as an avatar of indescribable value.

The NFTGo report showed that the NFT segment boasts a market capitalization of $22.56 billion, which represents 18% of the entire crypto industry.

During a bear market, even premium NFTs saw a drop in prices, discouraging those who dreamed of becoming NFT millionaires overnight and getting out of the market.

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Does the core value of NFT simply lie in the production of millionaires?

Compared to mainstream derivatives such as contracts and leverage, it is clear that NFT is not the most suitable commodity for building wealth quickly.

What really distinguishes NFTs is their irreplaceable properties, or their ability to be unique and consistent proof of ownership.

Different from the equivalent transfer from one $100 bill to another, the NFT can be taken as proof of ownership of physical property, making each physical property unique.

The ability to prove ownership of anything in the crypto world is exactly what makes NFT irreplaceable.

NFT provides owners with an electronic record of originality and ownership of virtual goods, such as avatars, paintings and songs.

Virtual goods, given a unique NFT, will gain trading value, followed by the emergence of platforms that act as a bridge for NFT transactions between buyers and sellers.

The OneSwap NFT Marketplace is one such platform where artists and collectors can create and trade NFTs.

The typical NFT market charges up to 2.5%-15% of the transaction, while the OneSwap NFT market cuts it down to 2%.

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Also in the Store, NFT original creators can set NFT equity within the range between 0 and 10%, and users can issue NFT after paying the gas fee.

Big Prizes Offered for NFT Transactions on OneSwap:

To celebrate the official launch of the OneSwap NFT Marketplace, the platform welcomes users and gives them trading with small fees while offering big prizes!

Duration: October 13 – October 23

the rules:

a. Users can get CET rewards once they complete an NFT transaction over $10 during the event.
B. One address can only participate once, and transactions associated with that address will not be rewarded.

Market link with offer:

English auction:

In addition to the basic functions of minting and trading NFTs, the OneSwap NFT Market follows the English Auction, which is a dynamic open-end auction.

During the bid confirmation period, interested bidders begin submitting their NFT bids in ascending order until the highest bid wins.

There are also some special circumstances in the English auction.

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For example, if the winning bidder in the NFT turns out to have insufficient assets in its title, the NFT will go to the second highest bid.

If the bidder with the second highest bid still cannot pay the NFT, it will move to the third highest bid.

If there is no eligible buyer (with a bid higher than the opening bid) at the end, the auction will be cancelled.

Due to the changing value of NFT in the market, it is difficult for ordinary sellers to determine the price of NFT accurately.

An appropriate price for NFT transactions should be set so as not to discourage potential buyers or cause a loss.

The English auction can effectively spare NFT holders the aforementioned concerns.

Owners can set the NFT’s starting price at the lowest acceptable level to them, leaving other market considerations to the table, and buyers will continually raise the price when bidding.

Buyers will get game-like fun from bidding.

The process of balancing reasonable bidding against competitive bidding is like a bargaining game.

The English-language auction provides an opportunity for buyers and sellers to jointly value the NFT, and gives them a sense of participation and achievement.

As CSC’s first NFT marketplace, OneSwap NFT Marketplace will also see the listing of CoinEx Rugby Players NFT by CoinEx and RLWC.

OneSwap told OneSwap that it is looking forward to exploring and building a new era of NFT with users.

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