Did the ex-SEC director kill the settlement deal with Ripple on purpose?

Did the ex-SEC director kill the settlement deal with Ripple on purpose?

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Answer Did the ex-SEC director kill the settlement deal with Ripple on purpose?

The legal battle between the US Securities and Exchange Commission and Ripple has become more intense.

Both parties recently filed requests for an expedited ruling in the existing lawsuit over the nature of XRP.

Could the XRP lawsuit end in a settlement?

The release of the Hinman meeting calendar before the infamous Ethereum speech began could be an important advance in the XRP lawsuit (to be clear, the current SEC chair has previously hinted that Ethereum, after a recent upgrade, could be considered a security).

According to reports, the former SEC official was leading the agency’s crypto regulation efforts from 2017 to 2020.

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It is important to note that this was the stage at which the US authorities began to seek regulatory clarity around cryptocurrencies.

At this point, cryptocurrency companies have been developing impressively and causing problems for officials.

Mention John Deaton in the XRP lawsuit that the CEO of Ripple said that they tried to settle the lawsuit with the SEC.

He added that they are ready to settle without any announcement by the SEC.

The settlement then guarantees the current and future sales of the XRP token, which is not a guarantee.

Did Ripple try to end the lawsuit?

Ripple would have paid a fine to settle the XRP lawsuit.

At the same time, she would have accepted to move forward with the status quo.

But it will not be clear whether the SEC will go behind the others selling the digital currency XRP.

Back then, that wasn’t Ripple’s best deal.

The settlement would have indirectly affected the growth in the USA.

According to documents released by a Fox journalist, Hinman, the former head of the SEC, killed the deal.

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This proves that the differences between them were old and much bigger than they seem.

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