Learn about cryptocurrency exchanges that support ETHW cryptocurrency

Learn about cryptocurrency exchanges that support ETHW cryptocurrency

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Answer Learn about cryptocurrency exchanges that support ETHW cryptocurrency

After the successful completion of the Ethereum integration, it is now time to see if the ETHW hard fork will be successful.

The Ethereum miners community has long been determined to release the new forked digital tokens after The Merge upgrade.

But if the digital fork is to receive support from the community, it will still have to be made available for trading and investment by those interested in it.

Currently, the price of ETHW which is mined Ethereum is down, as the coin has fallen in the last 24 hours, and the price is down by a huge 30%.

At the time of this writing, the coin is priced at roughly $9, according to price-tracking platform CoinMarketCap.

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Which means a significant decrease compared to the pre-merger price level of $60.80.

On the other hand, even the price of Ethereum (ETH) did not have any positive effect from the upgrade of The Merge.

As of the time of writing this article, ETH is at $1,423, down 4.77% in the last 24 hours.

Several cryptocurrency exchanges and mining pools have already announced their support for the forked token: ETHW, which we will learn about below:

Binance warns of possible ETHW failure

Binance said it is backing the ETHW fork on the condition of the successful implementation of the ETHW network.

Crypto fork has been warned not to be supported if the network doesn’t work, as it warned in one blogging including:

It may take about a week to fulfill the ETHW accreditation for eligible Binance clients.

Also on the blog:

In order to obtain eligible customer credit with ETHW, the process will take approximately a week to complete.

In the event that Binance.US believes the ETHW chain is unsuccessful, ETHW will not be supported.

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ETHW Supportive Trading Platforms:

Several of the best cryptocurrency exchanges have launched temporary digital tokens representing the digital currency ETHW.

Among these platforms we find:

FTX and Bibit.

Also, some major Ethereum mining pools are expected to support ETHW tokens.

Among the mining pools that support ETHW mining are:

F2Pool, Poolin,, and Nanopool.

For our part, in Arab Bitcoin, we recommend caution and caution when trading this digital currency due to its high volatility, in addition to the fact that the picture is not yet clear.

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