Cardano founder describes Ethereum Classic as a dead project…Details here

Cardano founder describes Ethereum Classic as a dead project…Details here

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Answer Cardano founder describes Ethereum Classic as a dead project…Details here

Ethereum Classic shined remarkably in the last period before the collapse of cryptocurrency prices today.

In conjunction with this brilliance, the founder of Cardano came out with an opposite statement to the positive price movement of Ethereum Classic and told that its project is a dead project.

Rarely does a day pass at the crypto market without disputes between project leaders.

The founder of Cardano is one of those waiting for the right moment to respond to his critics.

Recently, Hoskinson made some scathing statements regarding the entire Ethereum Classic project.

He told the Cardano founder that he was saddened by what happened to the project, stating that Ethereum Classic is dead and has no purpose in existence.

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ETC fans have requested to re-create an official Ethereum Classic account on Twitter.

The old Ethereum Classic account on Twitter still belongs to Cardano founder Hoskinson.

The Cardano founder stated that Ethereum has two options, one of which is to pay millions of dollars to develop Ethereum Classic, or accept that no one owes anything to Ethereum Classic.

The price of the digital currency Ethereum Classic (ETC) is up 30% in a week regardless of how much Ethereum Classic dies according to Charles Hoskinson.

ETC prices are still the most vibrant in the depressed crypto market.

Before the current price crash of Ethereum Classic, just last week, the price of Ethereum Classic increased by 30%, and in the last two months, starting from July, the rate of increase was almost 200%.

Meanwhile, the hash rate of Ethereum Classic hit another record as Ethereum’s transition to PoS approached, with the hash rate of the Ethereum Classic network reaching 46.2 TH/s.

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