Beware of scams calling for a vote on the fork of Ethereum

Beware of scams calling for a vote on the fork of Ethereum

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Answer Beware of scams calling for a vote on the fork of Ethereum

Many Ethereum holders as well as ERC-20 holders have noticed an attack on their digital wallets.

Where digital tokens were distributed as a free “airdrop” distribution to the aforementioned digital wallets to serve the fraudulent scheme of criminals.

A party has mysteriously begun publishing ERC-20 digital tokens.

While checking suspicious transactions on an Etherscan explorer, people revealed that they received this digital token from the wallet of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

Meanwhile, while checking each transaction on the list, Ethereum (ETH) holders revealed that these transfers had already started through a different address unrelated to the founder’s Ethereum wallet.

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The digital code name included the address of a suspicious website that was created two days ago, according to “whois,” and people were invited to participate in the poll and vote.

As for the referendum question, which is the most interesting part of this scam, its content was as follows:

Do you support or oppose Ethereum 2.0?

When you press the “I agree” or “I do not agree” button, the website asks users to authorize their MetaMask wallets.

The fraudulent site promises that Ethereum will be distributed among the winners on September 25, 2022.

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As a reminder, the merge update activation date is September 15, 2022.

This upgrade will replace the PoW consensus mechanism with the PoS mechanism.

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