Set the last date for users to submit their lost bitcoin requests on Mt.Gox

Set the last date for users to submit their lost bitcoin requests on Mt.Gox

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Answer Set the last date for users to submit their lost bitcoin requests on Mt.Gox

A new document has been issued in the repayment schedule to the creditors of Mt. Gox, states that the reference period for the restriction will begin on September 15th.

Creditors have until this date to file their claims for their lost digital money.

To ensure secure payment, the assignment, transfer, succession, guarantee or other disposition of Rehabilitation Claims for a certain period is prohibited.

The document states that if a transfer notice is given during the restriction period, creditors may not receive their preferred repayment installments.

It is stated in the document:

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This may result in rehabilitation creditors not being able to receive their preferred repayments, significantly delaying the repayment date compared to other rehabilitation creditors, or in the worst case, the repayment amount may be deposited with the Tokyo Legal Office in accordance with laws and regulations.

The payment process may take several months to complete.

Of course, there have been concerns among the crypto community about flooding the market, but all of that has been dismissed recently.

Creditors Deny Bitcoin Dump Claims:

Several tweets circulated and reports that the market will see nearly 138,000 bitcoins dumped due to creditors.

Creditors and analysts quickly debunked the reports, saying that not all of these bitcoins would be issued immediately and completely.

Currently, Mt.Gox is still in the process of collecting bank details from creditors so that they can approve the appropriate accounts.

This work alone can take a long time, perhaps months.

Eric Wall, creditor of Mt Gox, spoke at length about the operation on Twitter, saying that all reports of bitcoin dumps provide false information.

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That hasn’t stopped others from hinting that a bitcoin dump is going to happen, as several individuals on Twitter have spoken out about it.

Metal Blockchain founder and CEO Marshall Hainer, who is also a creditor, stated that his bitcoin was not close to being released and that he had no intention of selling it.

Hainer also asked people not to believe what influencers said.

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Bitcoin price reactions to the movements of “Mt. Gox:

Bitcoin price was reacting to announcements from the state of Mt. Gox, although it’s hard to say exactly how much this affects.

The price of Bitcoin was quite volatile when these announcements were made, and in general there was not a lot of bullish sentiment about it.

But it is clear that there will not be a massive dumping, so investors do not need to worry about the immediate sharp decline.

Bitcoin may be sold in small quantities over several months, but some creditors have also announced that they do not intend to sell.

In general, it might just be sowing a feeling of uncertainty, FUD, about the amount of bitcoin lost in the “Mt. Gox’ famous.

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