Facebook announces enabling users to post NFT and connect digital wallets

Facebook announces enabling users to post NFT and connect digital wallets

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Answer Facebook announces enabling users to post NFT and connect digital wallets

Meta announced that Facebook now supports NFT and that users will be able to post digital tokens on the social media platform.

The social media giant has already allowed users to post NFT to Instagram but has not created an NFT post on Facebook yet.

Currently users can connect their digital wallets, such as:

MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet

The supported blockchains are Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow.

From the latest Meta statement about the NFT extension on Facebook:

As we continue to roll out digital collectibles on Facebook and Instagram, we’re starting to give people the ability to post the digital tokens they own to both Facebook and Instagram.

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This will enable people to link their digital wallets once to any application in order to share their digital holdings across both.

Meta states that there are no fees associated with posting or sharing an NFT.

There are also rumors that Meta is planning to launch its own NFT marketplace, although there hasn’t been an update on this for a while.

Meta has already allowed select users to view the NFT on their profile with the Digital Holdings tab.

Users can reply to the NFT, which can be turned into posts on Facebook, with the ability to put likes, reactions and comments.

The company also continued its intention to offer NFT, despite the current crypto winter.

Stefan Kasrel, head of fintech at Meta, said in a recent interview that the plan has not changed due to the market downturn and that it will remain determined to serve creators.

The response of individuals on social media has been mixed, with some praising the move to Web 3.

Others were more skeptical due to the reputation that Meta enjoyed.

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Meta is going full force on metaverses, and this is clearly in line with the vision of the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, who recently stated:

Many research and development efforts have been made in this direction, although it has severely damaged the company’s business.

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