Samsung is looking to launch a cryptocurrency trading platform in 2023…Details here

Samsung is looking to launch a cryptocurrency trading platform in 2023…Details here

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Answer Samsung is looking to launch a cryptocurrency trading platform in 2023…Details here

As indicated in the title, Samsung is looking to launch a cryptocurrency trading platform by 2023, but Samsung is not the only major company in the country planning to take new steps in the crypto world.

There are six other major companies listed on the exchange, including Mirae Asset Securities, which also has plans to acquire a cryptocurrency trading platform in 2023.

Appears in reports published Recently, these entities deal directly with securities, and are working with South Korean financial authorities to obtain a license to perform similar functions to the stock exchange.

According to the same reports, discussions are already in their final stages.

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Samsung and the Crypto World:

Samsung plans to launch its own trading platform via “Samsung Securities”.

This provides yet another example of how a company that is considered one of the biggest in the tech field has aligned itself with the cryptocurrency industry.

Samsung launched several initiatives in the crypto space last year.

The South Korean giant has developed a wallet functionality for Galaxy smartphones, a TV that supports non-fungible tokens (NFT) and exposure to Project Cardano (ADA).

Now, according to local media, the exchange that Samsung intends to launch will focus on security tokens.

It is also worth noting that last year the company had already tried to launch a platform for trading these assets, but it was not able to proceed with the project due to the lack of specialized professionals.

It is worth noting that the Asian country (South Korea) has become more receptive to the cryptocurrency industry after its new president, Yoon Seok-yeol, took office in May 2022.

The new president is enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies, and promises to increase the non-payment of taxes on profits from investments in digital assets.

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In this sense, large local companies that are able to launch their own trading platforms could represent a major advance for South Korea to become a cryptocurrency hub on the Asian continent.

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