In a new documentary… “John McAfee” is still alive

In a new documentary… “John McAfee” is still alive

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Answer In a new documentary… “John McAfee” is still alive

In a new Netflix documentary, titled:

Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee.

The filmmakers investigate the chaotic life of a crypto missionary whose mysterious death turns out to be fake, according to the claim of his ex-girlfriend, Samantha Herrera, who was told he is still alive and living in Texas.

The documentary, which premieres on August 24, is directed by BAFTA award-winning Charlie Russell and uses a mix of raw footage and interviews to examine McAfee’s turbulent life.

In an interview withRespectedRussell says he started talks with McAfee about a possible documentary after the tech entrepreneur fled the USA in order to evade taxes.

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Russell says he texted McAfee and after presenting his credentials and speaking with him, he was invited to join him and shoot.

The documentary “Running with the Devil” was the end result.

When asked about Herrera’s allegations that McAfee called her after his death, he told Russell that he did not know and did not believe Herrera was lying.

According to the New York Post, McAfee suffered a heart attack in 2012 and subsequently cut ties with Herrera, who told interviewers she began a relationship with him when she was 18.

Janice McAfee, McAfee’s widow, did not respond to a request for comment, but then tweeted that her late husband had already passed away.

How I hope this is true.

If John were alive, I’m sure he wouldn’t be hiding in Texas.

Explained later:

Texas is absolutely amazing.

But John was being held in a Spanish prison on trumped-up IRS charges, so I doubt he would choose to go into hiding in America.

That would be ridiculous.

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McAfee faced 30 years in prison on tax evasion charges from an alleged ICO pumping and dumping scheme that authorities say made more than $23 million.

Russell said:

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You wonder how you feel watching this man, who has undoubtedly done some terrible things.

The people around him know how awful he is, how angry he can be, and how happy he can be, so it comes down to how to balance those two things.

In June 2021, McAfee died of suicide while in custody in Spain.

McAfee’s widow continues to question the official details of her husband’s death and has launched a petition campaign to pressure the Spanish government to release her husband’s remains so that an independent autopsy can be conducted.

In June, Reuters reported that McAfee’s remains were still in the Spanish mortuary.

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