Terra Founder: I bet big and I think I lost!

Terra Founder: I bet big and I think I lost!

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Answer Terra Founder: I bet big and I think I lost!

In an interview that has yet to be fully broadcast by Coinage Media, hosted by Zack Guzman, titled “Inside Crypto’s Largest Collapse,” Do Kwon, founder of the collapsed Terra Project, broke the silence, and for the first time we hear what the CEO has to say about Project collapse.

Expectations far from reality:

The collapse of Terra in May is unprecedented in the booming world of DeFi.

The collapse of the project affected the entire crypto space and possibly extended to other financial systems.

Total losses amounted to about $45 billion, knowing that the crypto market has not yet recovered.

The clip, which is 1 minute and 30 seconds long, shows what to expect when it’s fully aired.

In the video, ‘Do Kwon’ appears silent and somewhat solemn.

This makes it the first time the crypto community has seen Do Kwon give an intense interview after the crash, making the interview a highly sought-after watch.

In the clip, Do Kwon mentioned that the cryptocurrency is a bit like a wild card and explained that a lot of pressure has been put on UST.

It also appears that the interview will include some Terra form labs employees.

However, some people do not appreciate the interviewer and have commented that the interview may be a publicity stunt to re-polish the image of the Terra founder.

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Contrary to what most people believe, Do Kwon insisted that he did not commit fraud, stating:

I have made confident bets and made confident statements on behalf of UST because I believe in its flexibility and value proposition.

I have since lost those bets, but my actions match 100% of my words.

There is a difference between failure and fraud.

“Do Kwon” and Terra are facing serious legal problems in South Korea and there are allegations of tax evasion among other charges.

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