The “CoinEx” platform updates its “CoinEx Ambassador” program with the advantage of getting amazing monthly profits!

The “CoinEx” platform updates its “CoinEx Ambassador” program with the advantage of getting amazing monthly profits!

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Answer The “CoinEx” platform updates its “CoinEx Ambassador” program with the advantage of getting amazing monthly profits!

Since its founding in 2017, CoinEx has moved forward, still striving to realize its vision of making the world a better place via blockchain technology.

CoinEx aims to build an easy-to-use crypto exchange platform that will benefit all investors who want to trade cryptocurrencies.

Going forward, CoinEx also hopes to recruit more individuals who share its aspirations and practice crypto insights, allowing global users to maintain and increase the value of their assets across cryptocurrencies.

CoinEx envisions a world where blockchain enthusiasts who are looking for satisfying investment experiences through cryptocurrency trading can easily access the crypto space via CoinEx.

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To this end, CoinEx has launched the CoinEx Ambassador Program (a special program for futures contracts) to hire individuals who understand its brand values ​​and are ready to grow along with the platform.

Together, the CoinEx (special futures program) and CoinEx ambassadors will help more users engage in advanced crypto investments by embracing user-friendly CoinEx futures in a market dominated by futures.

Joint efforts and win-win results are the main elements of the program, and all crypto adopters who join the program will receive 60% referral commissions on the trading fee.

Specifically, futures ambassadors will receive commissions of up to 60% on trading fees paid by referred users who have registered a CoinEx account and start trading futures via their referral link.

Aside from the great rewards, futures ambassadors will also get a futures demo fund, free CoinEx merchandise, as well as holiday gifts.

During this three-month campaign, all eligible individuals and organizations may apply to become CoinEx (Special Futures Program) ambassadors, and they will receive 60% referral commissions, which will be valid for three months from the day they submit their applications.

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How much can CoinEx Ambassadors (Futures Special Program) earn through the program?

From July 25 to October 25, 2022, CoinEx ambassadors (special futures program) can receive 60% commission on futures trading fees paid by referred users as long as they sign up via their referral link or Ambassadors code and start trading futures on CoinEx.

To clarify, the following scenario can be imagined:

CoinEx Ambassador (special futures program) managed to get 100 new users to register an account and trade futures on CoinEx.

If referred users pay $20,000 in futures trading fees throughout August, the CoinEx ambassador (special futures program) will get $12,000 of these commissions ($20,000 * 60%), which will be paid directly to him in USDT.

Suppose 100 Referred Users incur futures trading fees before October 25th, CoinEx Ambassador (Special Futures Program) will continue to receive referral commissions until the event ends.

Since ambassadors receive commissions on fees paid by referred users, they can continue to require more new users to sign up and trade futures, and 60% commissions will still apply during the three-month campaign.

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In other words, CoinEx ambassadors (a special program for futures contracts) just need to recruit more users and get them to trade futures contracts on CoinEx.

The higher the indicated trading volume, the higher the referral commission.

Through the program, ambassadors can earn $1 million within one month!

Meanwhile, CoinEx is also recruiting more ambassadors around the world.

At CoinEx, Ambassadors are the company’s partners to promote it around the world.

They assist CoinEx with its market operations and help the platform build a global presence.

CoinEx sincerely welcomes all crypto and blockchain enthusiasts and community members who want to help the platform grow and contribute to brand promotion.

Ambassadors receive lifetime referral commissions covering futures, spot and margin trading during their tenure.

Finally, the CoinEx Ambassador (Futures Special Program) program welcomes all eligible crypto users around the world who share CoinEx’s cryptocurrency insights.

Together, they will benefit from futures trading, generate incredible monthly profits, and grow together with CoinEx!

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