Cardano: Another postponement announcement in the “Vasil” upgrade…Will the price of ADA coin be affected?

Cardano: Another postponement announcement in the “Vasil” upgrade…Will the price of ADA coin be affected?

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Answer Cardano: Another postponement announcement in the “Vasil” upgrade…Will the price of ADA coin be affected?

Officially, Vasil’s upgrade has been delayed again due to further testing and a smooth launch.

Vasil’s upgrade was due to be published by the end of July, but Kevin Hammond, IOHK’s director of technology, revealed on Friday that there could be a few more weeks of delay.

Despite the bear market and FUD surrounding the Fed rate hike, the ADA cryptocurrency price showed strength due to increased interest from whales and investors looking forward to Vasil’s upgrade.

Vasil upgrade delay:

The Vasil upgrade will greatly improve the scalability and performance of the Cardano blockchain.

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In June, IOHK confirmed that there were no major bugs, but there are still 7 bugs that are being worked on.

Additionally there have been some tests to make sure everything is working as expected.

a statement Tim Harrison, vice president of IOG, and Kevin Hammond, director of technology, said Vasil’s upgrade would be delayed due to more testing, access issues, and minor preparations.

Meanwhile, the data showed that ADA trading volumes have decreased due to reduced social media activity on Cardano, especially the number and volume of tweets.

People think they are not getting any new information from IOHK or Cardano regarding Vasil’s promotion.

However, the Cardano Network is registering a stronger development activity, with more than 1,000 projects under development.

ADA price has continued to trade strongly around the $0.50 level over the past two months, with $0.43 as a strong support.

According to trader Michael van de Poppe, altcoins are ready for another 100-200% rally.

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Cardano and with the Vasil upgrade expected to rise above $1 soon, given the latest updates, the price of ADA is mostly going up right after the upgrade.

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