Ethereum outflow from exchanges breaks record

Ethereum outflow from exchanges breaks record

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Answer Ethereum outflow from exchanges breaks record

The 40% price hike of the largest altcoin in the past seven days has surely taken the entire crypto community by surprise.

As many followers did not expect such a rapid rise and shift in the path of Ethereum.

Of course, many investors had the opportunity to get Ethereum positions and they did it at a rapid pace, as the statistics and figures show, but it seems that the rapid growth left such a strong impression on them that they are not only making profits but also withdrawing Ethereum from the trading platforms at a record pace.

To understand the situation in more detail, let’s take a look at the“.

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First of all, we need to look at the net inflows of Ethereum towards the exchanges i.e. the deposited Ethereum.

According to the scale, yesterday a historic low of $97 million was reached.

At the same time, the previous record of $65 million managed to hold in just two hours of one day, after which it was completely crushed.

Meanwhile, the weekly influx of altcoins from trading platforms renewed and reached a 13-month high.

A total of 29,823 Ethereum was withdrawn from exchanges during the week, according to Glassnode.

This statistic was preceded by another important indicator of the total balance of Ethereum in trading platforms, which reached its lowest level in four years.

At the moment, the amount of cryptocurrency in the exchanges is estimated at 19.1 million ETH.

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Meanwhile, the number of winning Ethereum wallets set a new record, with the number of such addresses now estimated at 46.1 million.

On the other hand, the total amount of commissions paid on the Ethereum network is estimated at 7 million ETH.

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