MasterCard allows its cardholders to buy NFT without the need for cryptocurrency

MasterCard allows its cardholders to buy NFT without the need for cryptocurrency

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Answer MasterCard allows its cardholders to buy NFT without the need for cryptocurrency

MasterCard has jumped into the growing market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverses.

The payment giant has moved forward to collaborate with several leading NFT markets to expand its services.

MasterCard’s expansion towards NFT and Metaverse:

MasterCard demonstrated its curiosity to enter the world of NFT and metaverse when it applied for several trademark applications.

The payment giant mentioned that they have been working on it since last year.

MasterCard will enable NFT commerce with Immutable X, The Sandbox, Mintable, Candy Digital… and will also be the provider of the Web 3 infrastructure service for MoonPay.

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in her statement Officially, MasterCard stated that this will allow users to use their MasterCard cards to purchase NFT.

She added that more than 2.9 billion cardholders can now dive into the NFT ecosystem, making an even greater impact in the industry.

Meanwhile, the new MasterCard service will allow users to directly purchase NFT without involving them in cryptocurrencies.

Earlier, Mastercard submitted about 15 trademark applications for the circles that represent its logo, which it considers invaluable.

Currently, the payment giant is looking to create markets for digital assets and services backed by NFT.

MasterCard publishes tools to buy NFT securely:

According to the blog, Mastercard conducted a survey with more than 35,000 people in about 40 countries.

The results showed that 45% have either purchased an NFT or would consider doing so.

MasterCard added that the digital asset market depicts a huge ground in the evolving field of NFT.

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The blog noted that it generated more than $25 billion in sales alone last year.

MasterCard says this collaboration will expand the adoption of Web 3.

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