CoinEx donates books to children around the world and special gifts for International Children’s Day

CoinEx donates books to children around the world and special gifts for International Children’s Day

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Answer CoinEx donates books to children around the world and special gifts for International Children’s Day

On May 26, 2022, the CoinEx Charity of more than 10,000 children’s dream books was officially launched in Turkey.

The CoinEx Charitable Book Donation Activity will be held around the world in observance of International Children’s Day.

These 10,000 books are also a special gift from CoinEx Charity to children in poor areas around the world.

Early childhood reading can contribute to creating a level playing field in education.

A high-quality early reading program helps children reach their full developmental potential and gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in school.

But due to COVID-19, war and disasters, most children in poor areas around the world suffer from learning poverty, the school in these poor areas cannot provide enough books for students to read, and their families cannot buy books.

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Sharing knowledge through books, focusing on educating children on a global level:

In 2022, CoinEx Charity created a multi-million dollar charitable fund to meet the education needs of children around the world.

CoinEx Charity’s book donation activity will end on June 20, and the initiative will reach Turkey, Syria, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Malaysia, India, Brazil, Germany and South Korea, respectively.

Now, a third of the book donation activity journey has been completed, reaching four countries.

First stop: Turkey

On May 26, the first stop of CoinEx Charity Book Donation Worldwide arrived in Antakya, Turkey, donated 2,000 books to 5 local schools and purchased new bookshelves for each school.

CoinEx Charity was welcomed by teachers and students in those schools.

Second stop: Syria

After 11 years of war in Syria, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the economic crisis, the education of Syrian children and youth has been severely disrupted, leaving more than 2.4 million out of school.

CoinEx Charity donated 1,000 books and set up a reading corner to promote the education of Syrian children at Dummar Modern School on May 28.

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Nania is a child at Dummar Modern School, currently reading one of the donated books.

Nanya said:

I love reading because books can take me to a new world.

The book is one of 1,000 books donated by CoinEx Charity.

Dummar Modern School received books through the Youth Association.

These books will serve more than 500 Syrian children.

Third stop: Thailand

On International Children’s Day, CoinEx Charity donated 1,000 books to Wat Chai Chimphli Primary School in Bangkok, Thailand.

The school of more than 300 students has long been lacking in book resources, meanwhile, CoinEx Charity has also helped them build a new book corner to provide a better reading environment for students.

One of the students said:

I’ve never seen so many books like this.

School students loved the new book corner.

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CoinEx Charity also received thanks from students and teachers.

Fourth stop: Indonesia

Like many other schools in poor areas, many families in Indonesia have limited budgets to cover only textbooks needed for teaching, which means students have little access to publications such as storybooks.

Those who love to read have to borrow from the district library far from their homes and schools.

By donating new books to children, CoinEx Charity’s activity of more than 10,000 children’s dream books has helped feed their thirst for reading, instilling in them the knowledge and passion to strive for their highest potential.

In Indonesia, CoinEx Charity visited the Yayasan Remaja Masa Depan orphanage in Jakarta and the Yogyakarta Islamic Orphanage donated 2,268 books and built charitable reading corners to provide warmth and empower children there.

During the ceremony, the principals of the two schools thanked CoinEx Charity for providing these resources to the school.

The charitable activity of “more than 10,000 children’s dream books” continues.

Next, CoinEx Charity will go to poor areas of Indonesia, Nigeria, India, Malaysia, Brazil, Germany and South Korea to offer this special gift to local children and spread the love and knowledge of books.

CoinEx Charity hopes that these books will instill an interest in reading in children and help them access a world outside the home and community and realize a growing range of possibilities.

All children in the world should have the right to good books.

They can use it to learn to read, learn and develop a love of reading.

CoinEx Charity also invites loving people and governments around the world to care about children’s education and contribute to improving the learning environment for children.

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