Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin launches a decentralized crypto wallet…Details here

Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin launches a decentralized crypto wallet…Details here

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Answer Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin launches a decentralized crypto wallet…Details here

In another significant effort to expand exposure to the Web 3.0 space, crypto exchange Kucoin announced last Monday that it is preparing to launch its decentralized wallet.

The portfolio is expected to be operational in June.

The wallet website has been published so that users can access the service.

The wallet is also designed to be a secure and easy crypto wallet and to support multiple networks backed by the KuCoin ecosystem.

Kucoin and support for all Web 3.0 functions:

The new Kucoin wallet will allow users to create a decentralized account for Web 3.0 in seconds.

The functions offered are to send, receive and store the following digital currencies:

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Plus many other digital codes.

From now on, the wallet will add many leading DeFi, NFT and GameFi functions to provide users with a useful experience.

The wallet will also integrate the latter’s “Windvane” platform, a marketplace for buying and selling non-fungible NFT tokens developed by KuCoin, to enable users to purchase, store and display their NFT pools directly within the wallet.

Also, the wallet will give users complete control over their cryptocurrency since they manage their private keys.

Johnny Liu, CEO of KuCoin stated:

As a gateway to Web 3.0, crypto wallets are an important requirement for users.

Wallets help to participate in the decentralized ecosystem and contribute to development i.e. it is more than just a tool for storing cryptocurrencies.

Jeff Hall, President of KuCoin Wallet commented:

KuCoin always hopes to better serve the needs of all categories of investors.

The release of the official crypto wallet website is another step forward for KuCoin to conduct Web 3.0 exploration.

Earlier, KuCoin established a $100 million Creators Fund to enable Web 3.0 development.

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In April of this year, the popular trading platform Robinhood also entered the cryptocurrency custody sector.

Robinhood has enabled the wallet feature to send and receive all cryptocurrencies traded on the exchange.

Cryptocurrency wallets are, among many other options, a way to secure users’ private key.

Also, users need to always be vigilant and make sure that their cryptocurrency digital wallets are well secured.

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