Cardano founder mocks Solana after stopping it again

Cardano founder mocks Solana after stopping it again

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Answer Cardano founder mocks Solana after stopping it again

Solana’s main network outage caused a storm of negative reactions on social media.

So Solata network stopped again and for a short period of time.

Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano couldn’t watch in silence, commented on a tweet that stopped Solana’s network and suggested its developers a video on how to fix old video games.

One user responded to the Cardano founder’s sarcastic questioning about the Cardano founder’s excessive vanity, which could be a cruel joke as it happened with “Do Kwon” and “Luna”.

The founder of Cardano replied:

Nothing is completely safe, I’m sure everyone has problems sometimes.

He said the reason for his sarcasm was that the Solana and Luna community mercilessly mocked Cardano for trying to do things right and using expert judgment and formal methods to avoid such problems.

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What’s wrong with Solana this time?

Solana’s network outage lasted for more than six hours, after which the auditors were able to restart the main network.

Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana Labs, was quick to explain the flaw when part of the network deemed the block invalid, and because of that no consensus was reached.

This error caused the nodes to generate different outputs, resulting in the failure of the consensus and the eventual shutdown of the network.

The network is now restarted with this function disabled.

Yakovenko added that the bug fixes would be issued as soon as possible.

Solana’s recent outage appears to have made matters worse for the SOL cryptocurrency, which is down 12% and is currently trading at around $39 at press time.

In the sense that its current trading price is the same as last August, which means that it has retreated from all its growth achieved during the past year.

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Solana network has been suspended for more than 6 hours and auditors are preparing to restart

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