What makes CoinEx the most popular futures trading platform among beginners?

What makes CoinEx the most popular futures trading platform among beginners?

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Answer What makes CoinEx the most popular futures trading platform among beginners?

The cryptocurrency market is a wide and vast market with many options for those who want to enter it, whether by trading, investing, mining and stockpiling and many other ways.

When trading in a cryptocurrency exchange, cryptocurrency users have many options.

The first option is spot trading, such as buying Bitcoin, for example.

However, in this case, investors can only benefit from holding the cryptocurrency when the price rises against the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

The second option is derivative trading.

For example, when trading delivery contracts, investors can earn more profits from price fluctuations through higher leverage than their immediate returns.

However, they will not be able to hold onto their delivery contracts in the long term because such contracts will eventually expire, and this is where the third option comes in: futures contracts.

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Although both are financial derivatives, futures contracts differ from delivery contracts because they do not have any expiry/settlement days, which means that an investor can hold on to a future contract indefinitely.

Unlike spot traders, futures traders can open a position and start trading without having to own the underlying asset.

Thanks to its many advantages, futures contracts now make up half of the cryptocurrency market in terms of trading volume.

Many cryptocurrency trading platforms now offer futures contracts.

In terms of functionality, these platforms can be roughly divided into two categories:

Platforms geared for beginners.

and professional level platforms.

Although professional platforms are more suitable for seasoned futures investors or professional traders, they are not friendly to inexperienced futures investors.

On the other hand, entry level platforms are designed for crypto beginners.

On such platforms, beginners can gain more trading experience and profit from futures contracts through simple and convenient futures functions.

Over the recent years, CoinEx has accelerated its efforts to innovate and improve futures trading, covering product upgrades, trading mechanisms, asset protection, services and experiences, which has helped it gain widespread recognition among futures traders.

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In 2021, the CoinEx trading platform made a huge boom in futures trading volume, and the main contributor to its success was its simple and easy-to-use futures products.

As for the reasons that distinguish the CoinEx platform from others, this is due to the following:

Or not. CoinEx Futures has simple and easy-to-use functionality that covers many of the major cryptocurrency markets:

According to the CoinEx website, the platform’s futures now cover mainstream cryptocurrency trading markets such as BTC and ETH, as well as several cryptocurrencies including AAVE, AVAX and SOL.

In addition, users can trade futures contracts on CoinEx via both the web and the app.

It is extremely easy to open/close a position on CoinEx.

Users can start a position on their own website or mobile application or close the position with a single click.

In addition, CoinEx Futures also features TP & SL Stop Loss and Take Profit, allowing users to generate a TP/SL price for their existing positions.

When the market price reaches the TP/SL price, the system will close the position automatically, and users will not have to worry about holding the position overnight.

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This functionality also made it easier for users to trade futures contracts on CoinEx.

Meanwhile, after opening a position, users can check the real-time PNL of their current position to make informed trading decisions.

secondly. CoinEx futures covers more than 100 futures markets:

Aside from the various features, coverage is also one of the main indicators of the overall strength of a futures trading platform.

In general, the more types of futures contracts the platform offers, the more robust it is in terms of product and technology.

Currently, CoinEx features over 100 futures markets and offers more futures products that the crypto market recognizes.

This also demonstrates CoinEx’s focus on the trading needs of users as well as its ongoing efforts to improve products.

Third. CoinEx helps users to seize market opportunities with low trading fees and a secure and stable system:

Although product diversity is a major factor influencing the market share of a futures trading platform, as the market continues to grow, an absolute focus on mainstream crypto assets in the development and operation of futures contracts is unlikely to attract users or maintain market share in the long term.

As such, for the trading platform to become more competitive, it must offer more types of futures contracts that cater to different investment needs according to the latest market developments.

Over the years, CoinEx has amassed innovative crypto projects and identified many distinct cryptocurrencies.

This has helped users to take advantage of the advantages of the first mover and has earned the platform widespread recognition among cryptocurrency investors.

In addition, the user experience in futures trading is of great importance.

CoinEx always puts users first, and has not experienced any security breach in the five years since its inception.

The platform has long devoted itself to improving user experiences and improving products and services.

With low trading fees, simple and easy-to-use products, and a secure and stable system, CoinEx has become one of the preferred futures trading platforms among cryptocurrency users.

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