Solana network has been suspended for more than 6 hours and auditors are preparing to restart

Solana network has been suspended for more than 6 hours and auditors are preparing to restart

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Answer Solana network has been suspended for more than 6 hours and auditors are preparing to restart

Once again, Solana’s network faces technical and technical difficulties.

Recently, Solana’s blockchain stopped producing blocks and processing transactions.

After several hours, the team has identified the problem and is coordinating a network restart among the validators.

According to blockchain explorer Solana Beach, transactions on Solana have not been processed for 6 hours and 48 minutes.

The Solana Status account reported the issue on Twitter hours ago and called on all validators to prepare for a network restart.

Later, the team identified the cause of the problem, and explained it by saying:

A bug in the persistent discontinuous transactions feature resulted in an indeterminacy when nodes generated different results for the same block, which prevented the network from progressing.

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To address the issue, developers are preparing an update that will temporarily disable non-recurring persistent transactions, until a full patch is developed.

Currently, all network funds are safe, but transactions cannot be processed due to the inability to create blocks.

As blocks are the units of data in which new transactions are added to the blockchain over time.

Last September, Solana experienced a similar outage due to resource outages that caused a denial of service across the network.

In January 2022, the network again experienced a significant slowdown due to the high computing transaction flow, causing many other networks to fail.

Until last month, millions of NFT transactions caused the network to become clogged and disrupted again.

Solana is known to boast a throughput of 50,000 transactions per second, making transfers faster and cheaper than other alternative networks.

Whereas, by contrast, Ethereum has seen millions of failed transactions yet to be completed in recent months, largely due to higher gas fees.

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