Installing the first Bitcoin ATM in the Mexican Senate

Installing the first Bitcoin ATM in the Mexican Senate

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Answer Installing the first Bitcoin ATM in the Mexican Senate

ChainBytes and Axolotl Bitcoin have installed a Bitcoin ATM in Mexico’s Senate building, providing Mexican lawmakers with a real-world experience with Bitcoin.

Senator Indira Kempes has teamed up with ChainBytes, a maker of Bitcoin ATMs, and Axolotl, a Mexican ATM operator, to deploy Bitcoin ATMs so that lawmakers can learn about Bitcoin transactions.

Employees will get more education about the benefits that formal Bitcoin adoption on the board can offer.

Eric Grill, CEO of ChainBytes, welcomed the move and said:

“We are thrilled to be a part of this historic moment for Mexico. We hope that by placing a ChainBytes ATM in the Senate building, we will help lawmakers learn about the technology and hopefully aid their decision to accept Bitcoin as legal tender in Mexico.”

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Bitcoin ATMs are expected to continue operating in the coming months before senators have a chance to debate and vote on a petition by Senator Kempes to legal tender for Bitcoin in Mexico.

Bitcoin is taking firm steps to become a legal currency globally, after the Central African Republic adopted it as a legal currency in the country after El Salvador approved it last September.

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