Cryptocurrency exchange CEO arrested for spying for North Korea…Details here

Cryptocurrency exchange CEO arrested for spying for North Korea…Details here

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Answer Cryptocurrency exchange CEO arrested for spying for North Korea…Details here

A list of charges has been brought against an executive of a cryptocurrency trading company.

The accused is a 38-year-old South Korean who heads a cryptocurrency exchange.

As for the charge against him, it is accused of spying for North Korea, according to a report published by the agency Yonhap news on Thursday.

The CEO, whose last name is Lee, allegedly colluded with a North Korean spy last July to help him access sensitive military information for 700 million KRW ($549,000).

Lee pays 48 million won ($37,643) in cryptocurrency to a corrupt military captain in order to gain access to a secret military network.

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The head of the trading platform presented the officer with a watch with a hidden camera to collect intelligence in his military unit.

In doing so, both are accused of violating the South Korean Security Law, which was adopted in 1948 to counter the threat posed by a hostile northern neighbor.

The exchange manager also interacted separately with the North Korean spy.

By law, South Koreans are prohibited from visiting North Korea or meeting with citizens of the pariah state without government approval.

It also prohibits praising North Korea or spreading its propaganda.

In 2012, a South Korean photographer was accused of retweeting pro-Kim Jong-il messages, but was later acquitted.

The report stated that the North Korean spy is still at large.

According to the police, he has known the businessman for at least six years after they met each other in an online cryptocurrency community.

In early February, several executives of South Korean cryptocurrency exchange V Global ended up behind bars after committing fraud.

The company’s former CEO, Lee Byung-gul, was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

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