Nissan and Toyota plan to enter the world of “Metaverse” to improve driving

Nissan and Toyota plan to enter the world of “Metaverse” to improve driving

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Answer Nissan and Toyota plan to enter the world of “Metaverse” to improve driving

Nissan and Toyota, two of the largest Japanese car manufacturers, revealed their plans to enter the world of metaverses during the coming period.

Nissan has created a digital version of its brand experience exhibition, called Nissan Crossing, where visitors can learn about the company’s suite of advanced driving technologies.

According to “Crypto News”, the exhibition includes the upcoming Nissan electric car Ariya, where select visitors will be able to enter a virtual tour of the future, and the digital space will also host vehicle launches and other events.

Nissan said on its website that its invisible-to-visual (I2V) technology, which uses a 3D augmented reality (AR) interface to integrate the real world and metaverse, creates unlimited possibilities for services and communications that make driving more comfortable, fun and exciting.

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Nissan currently has two prototype versions of its I2V technology, expected to be fully launched by 2025.

This technology aims to improve driving by providing the driver with improved information about the surrounding area, including predictive information ahead of the vehicle.

Nissan will also take advantage of Metaverse technology to display holograms of distant family and friends inside the car as a 3D avatar for augmented reality.

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The company said:

Avatars can join the car as a driving companion or help support driving with tips and suggestions.

Meanwhile, Nissan rival Toyota also has similar plans, although slightly different, as it intends to set up virtual workstations for some of its departments and subsidiaries.

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