Here’s who is behind the majority of NFT thefts and how much they have!

Here’s who is behind the majority of NFT thefts and how much they have!

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Answer Here’s who is behind the majority of NFT thefts and how much they have!

April 2022 will go down in the history of the cryptocurrency market as the month with the most hacks in both the DeFi and NFT industry, as BTC has covered numerous hacks, exploits and scams over the past 30 days.

Many hackers are behind the latest breakthrough in the non-fungible token industry.

According to informant Zachxbt, the hacker group behind most of the NFT Discord hacks in the past few months currently holds about $4 million worth of Ethereum in its major wallets.

While the amount does not seem like much, it should be kept in mind that it does not include the money transferred through coin-mixing platforms, which is certainly the bulk of the stolen money.

The latest hack is the one that was completed last weekend, in which the hacker managed to steal more than $300,000 worth of Ethereum by selling a stolen NFT.

The hack allowed the informant “Zachxbt” to follow the path of funds that were actively transferred from one wallet to another.

Later, the stolen Ethereum ended up in the main wallet, which contains the aforementioned total.

With the help of ENS linked to the wallets noted in the scheme, Zachxbt was able to track down the hacker’s Twitter accounts.

It found that the 333Club hack was behind a number of hackers at least four ENS addresses, two of them linked to unknown Twitter accounts.

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According to the same researcher, the above is just one example of many hacking groups using social engineering and phishing sites to steal NFT or funds in any way.

Reportedly, these groups originated from various websites and could have already made eight-figure sums from NFT scams alone.

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