Bitcoin rebounds to $42,000 and Ethereum hits 10-day high

Bitcoin rebounds to $42,000 and Ethereum hits 10-day high

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Answer Bitcoin rebounds to $42,000 and Ethereum hits 10-day high

Bitcoin wiped out all of its losses from last Monday’s crash and rose to a ten-day high above $42,000.

Ethereum followed suit with a similar high, but on a daily scale.

Currently, most of the market has calmed down.

The Monero coin is among the few gainers that achieved a record high.

Bitcoin rebounded and reached the $42,000 level:

After a relatively quiet weekend, in which Bitcoin essentially stood around $40,000 with no decisive moves in either direction, the currency’s overall landscape changed last Monday.

As we indicated in previous articles on Arab Bitcoin in a follow-up to the movement of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin began to lose its value rapidly, breaking below the $40,000 barrier, and plunging to its lowest monthly level at around $38,500.

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But that was where the bulls went up and they didn’t allow for further dips.

Bitcoin bounces back and starts to regain its value and finds itself above the required $40,000 line hours later.

In addition, Bitcoin continued to gradually climb and the price rose above $41,000 yesterday.

In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin rose above the $42,000 level, and so far, it is standing just above that level, and the market cap of Bitcoin has crossed the $800 billion mark.

Ethereum price hits 10-day high:

Altcoins also had a choppy start to the week, with notable price drops on Monday and recovery sessions in the following few days.

Ethereum, for example, fell below $2,900 for the first time in weeks last Monday.

But it quickly rebounded, regained the $3,000 level, and even jumped to nearly $3,200, marking its highest price point since April 11.

On a daily basis, most altcoins are looking relatively calm.

The digital currency “Monero” is among the few altcoins that enjoy remarkable daily increases of about 6.6%.

Thus, XMR is trading above $274.9.

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The crypto market is currently standing above $1.95 trillion after falling below $1.8 trillion earlier this week.

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