“BAYC NFT” sales rise 175% and the lowest price reaches a new record

“BAYC NFT” sales rise 175% and the lowest price reaches a new record

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Answer “BAYC NFT” sales rise 175% and the lowest price reaches a new record

One of the largest NFT groups on the market, called the Bored Apes Yacht Club, has experienced a surge in demand and reached nearly $1 million as the price increased by more than 175%, according to a WuBlockchain report.

In addition to the increased trading activity, the chain’s minimum price increased to approximately 110 ETH, or approximately $330,000.

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The group’s total market capitalization is now approaching $1 billion as the number of holders of these tokens has crossed 6,400.

Despite the latest security related issues, the group still attracts famous investors and even some enterprising investors.

Earlier, the project’s official community was exploited in Discord, and users received phishing links urging them to transfer some sensitive data that allowed hackers to steal their non-fungible tokens.

During the exploit, the scammers stole $100,000 from NFT.

Many users thought that project managers were giving gifts related to April Fools’ Day, which is why some of them were subjected to robbery, fraud, and information transmission to hackers.

Singer “Madonna” was one of the latest celebrities to join the NFT trend and chose BAYC to do so.

She reportedly bought a pink monkey wearing a leather hat because it matched her looks and performance.

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