Japanese messaging app Line launches marketplace for NFT tokens

Japanese messaging app Line launches marketplace for NFT tokens

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Answer Japanese messaging app Line launches marketplace for NFT tokens

Japan’s most popular social media app Line has launched a marketplace for non-fungible tokens called Line NFT.

Although the company offers its services in many countries in Asia, the opportunity will first be available only to Japanese users.

The most important social media in Japan enter the arena of NFT:

LVC Corporation (LVC), operator of Line’s blockchain divisions, has launched the Line NFT marketplace, allowing 90 million Japanese users to buy and sell nearly 40,000 non-fungible tokens.

In addition, Line NFT offers exclusive digital collectibles featuring the videos of “Yoshimoto Kogyo Holdings” and the classic animated series “Patlabor the Mobile Police” as well as artwork by other famous personalities.

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The company also confirmed that it will add more NFTs of various types later by partnering with Line Family Services and other companies.

Once purchased, customers can store their holdings in their “Line BITMAX” wallet.

They can also send or share the NFT with other users via the app.

LVC has pledged to continue offering a myriad of user experiences in collaboration with other group companies.

Line’s services extend to many countries in the East Asian region and serve more than 600 million people.

Apart from Japan, it is the most popular messaging app in Taiwan and Thailand.

However, the NFT market will only be available to Japanese users, at least for now.

Japanese gaming giants step into the NFT bandwagon:

It’s no secret that Japan, nicknamed the Land of the Rising Sun, is home to some of the biggest video game and entertainment companies.

Earlier this week, senior executives of Sega Corporation (one of the leading entities) revealed their intentions to launch a “Super Game” initiative, which could include NFT technology.

The company’s producer, Masayoshi Kikuchi, described the interaction between Sega and digital collectibles as a natural extension of the future of gaming.

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Soon after, another Japanese gaming leader “Bandai Namco” set up an investment fund of about $8 million in one year and $23.8 million in three years to invest in companies related to the field of NFT, web 3 economy and metaverse.

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