Find out… How much did the Twitter founder’s first NFT tweet cost?

Find out… How much did the Twitter founder’s first NFT tweet cost?

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Answer Find out… How much did the Twitter founder’s first NFT tweet cost?

In previous articles on Arab Bitcoin, and exactly last year, we touched on the issue of the purchase of the first tweet of the founder of Twitter as NFT by businessman “Sina Estafi” for $2.9 million.

In 2022, Estafi wants to sell NFT for $50 million or more.

But as of press time, his highest bid is $12,700 (4.2 ETH).

Tweet with meaning:

I just set up my Twitter account.

It is the first Twitter post from 2006, which was auctioned last year by Dorsey for Charity.

A deal beyond expectations:

Malaysia-based entrepreneur Sina Estafi purchased NFT for 1,630.6 ETH, equivalent to about $2.9 million at the time.

Estafi compared the tweet to Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

But now he put it back for sale in March of this year and asked for $50 million.

Estafi, founder of Bridge Oracle, offered to donate 50% of the proceeds, which he estimated at $25 million or more, to the US charity GiveDirectly.

Later, in response to Dorsey’s challenge about why he would not donate 99% of the funds generated from the NFT auction, he said he appreciates the idea, but would like to use the funds to help his blockchain projects.

Bridge Oracle has sparked some controversy recently as its investors accused the founder of fraud.

Although Estafi claims that someone has bid up to $10 million for NFT, at the time of writing this article, the highest bid on Opensea is just 4.2 ETH, just over $12,700.

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Istavi admitted that his auction deadline has passed, but he can still sell the NFT anyway when a good bid arrives, or he may not sell at all.

In an interview with the BBC earlier, Estafi did not reveal what price he was aiming for.

But now he knows, but unfortunately, the offers presented so far do not live up to his aspirations.

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