Dogecoin project aims to provide Dogecoin transactions offline…Details here

Dogecoin project aims to provide Dogecoin transactions offline…Details here

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Answer Dogecoin project aims to provide Dogecoin transactions offline…Details here

Two key employees of the Dogecoin Corporation recently published an article about the possibility of using RadioDoge technology in conjunction with the Starlink satellite network to conduct DOGE transactions without using the Internet.

The team admitted there was still a long way to go, but the groundwork was laid for future experiments.

It involved connecting RadioDoge to the Dogecoin test network through Starlink technical support.

Dealing with Dogecoin offline:

Timothy Stebbing, Chief Product Officer, Dogecoin Corporation, and Michi Lumin, Principal Engineer, Dogecoin Corporation, have teamed up to work on a new communications network that allows users to transact with Dogecoin offline.

It will only require support from the “Starlink” satellite network created and owned by Elon Musk, the world’s richest Doge fan.

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According to the article, the key lies in the new technology called ‘RadioDoge’, a cheap and reliable radio technology (HF/LoRaWAN) that works in tandem with the Starlink satellite network to enable access to people who do not have an internet connection.

Another important element is the “GigaWallet” project which is a fast solution (a new type of Doge wallet) for internet based transactions.

The developers considered Libdogecoin, the programming library or building blocks for creating Dogecoin projects, as the basis for forming and validating Doge addresses and transactions.

They revealed that “Dogecoin” addresses generated using the library had successfully received DOGE on the mainnet.

Long way to make it happen:

The main challenge in progressing the development of GigaWallet is enabling it to connect with RadioDoge, as defined by the team, as the team focuses on whether Libdogecoin can do the heavy lifting.

The first “RadioDoge” created last week will serve as a testing ground for the new technology.

The team said that this week should see the first transactions formed with “Libdogecoin”.

The team believes that the new technology could revolutionize the adoption of Dogecoin at the grassroots level derived from emerging economies, making the Musk-backed cryptocurrency the de facto medium for the exchange of goods and services globally.

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But the team acknowledged that the first phase of “Libdogecoin” represents only step 0.1 of the project.

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