A man stole $600,000 worth of cryptocurrency from an elderly person!

A man stole $600,000 worth of cryptocurrency from an elderly person!

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Answer A man stole $600,000 worth of cryptocurrency from an elderly person!

There are many thefts and frauds in the cryptocurrency arena, and their circumstances differ from one story to another.

Aaron Daniel Motta, a 27-year-old cyber security expert from Florida (USA), has been charged with criminal offenses after stealing $575,000 worth of cryptocurrency from an elderly victim, the newspaper reports.Tampa Bay Times“.

The theft occurred after Mota managed to steal the Trezor wallet with the password while installing a security system in the victim’s home.

As is well known, Trezor and other hardware wallets allow their customers to store a large number of cryptocurrencies offline (cold wallet).

He was released on bail on Friday after returning the wallet from which he had already spent $60,000.

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Mota is not the only criminal who has targeted cryptocurrency theft, as an elderly woman from the capital, Dublin, was recently arrested for deceiving her victim and stealing one million euros from her in February.

Last week, Trezor customers were targeted with fake emails for data breaches and theft of their cryptocurrency.

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