Could blockchain technology be the future of Hollywood?

Could blockchain technology be the future of Hollywood?

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Answer Could blockchain technology be the future of Hollywood?

Blockchain technology has expanded to include various industries, including the film industry.

WarnerMedia CEO Jason Keeler argues that the future of Hollywood lies in blockchain technology.

In his view, blockchain technology, which is the backbone of the cryptocurrency industry, may also offer new forms of financing.

Blockchain: The Next Potential Wave to Hollywood

The cryptocurrency sector, and more specifically blockchain technology, has found another business supporter, Mr. Jason Keeler.

in an interview Speaking with him, the current CEO of WarnerMedia said:

Blockchain technology could transform the entertainment industry.

It is also expected that the process of obtaining non-fungible tokens will become much simpler.

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Kilar compared the advances and accessibility of blockchain technology to Hollywood to the DVD wave of the 1990s, stating:

I think this will be a potential wave coming to Hollywood, in the same way that the DVD wave came to Hollywood in the ’90s.

This obviously changed the economic fortunes of many of these companies.

Kilar has a proven track record of working with digital technology and lobbying for its further acceleration.

He worked as the CEO of e-commerce giant Amazon from 1997 to 2006.

In 2007, he helped found the streaming company Hulu, and eventually became its CEO.

In May 2020, Killar was appointed CEO of WarnerMedia.

In the following years, the film industry was greatly affected by closed theaters and increased competition online due to the Corona pandemic.

Earlier this month, Kilar announced that he would be stepping down as CEO in the face of the soon-to-be-completed merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery, Inc.

Another member of the Hollywood film industry who has demonstrated his pro-crypto stance is Adrien Grenier.

The star of the TV series “Entourage” stated that digital assets can fix many currently broken and highly wasteful systems across all industries.

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He also opposed Bitcoin mining critics, saying:

Cryptocurrencies are not just something that uses energy.

The digital asset class can transform many sectors into more efficient sectors.

If you look at global net benefits, I think it’s a positive feature.

Last year, Grenier predicted that bitcoin might replace fiat currencies like the US dollar, adding:

Cryptocurrencies will see their adoption rate increase exponentially over time, and it is possible that we will see Bitcoin as well as the dollar in the future.

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