“MasterCard” applies for trademarks related to NFT and Metaverse

“MasterCard” applies for trademarks related to NFT and Metaverse

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Answer “MasterCard” applies for trademarks related to NFT and Metaverse

MasterCard, the global credit card operator, has applied for several trademark applications related to NFT and Metaverse.

The company joins a growing list of finance majors looking to enter the fast-growing trend.

Last month, American Express also applied for trademarks associated with NFT and Metaverse, amid a noticeable and widespread push by Wall Street firms into this space.

MasterCard and join the “Metaverse”:

According to trademark attorney Mike Konudis, Mastercard filed 15 trademark applications for intellectual property, including its iconic “Priceless” logo and its Circles logo, on April 4.

According to the revealed details, MasterCard is looking to build marketplaces for digital goods and NFT-backed media, and e-commerce software that allows users to conduct electronic commerce transactions in the virtual world.

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Through card payment transactions and other financial services in “Metaverse”.

Mike Konudis also revealed that MasterCard has plans for events and shows in the areas of finance, cryptocurrency, and NFT in metaverses.

According to the report, the lawyer said the financial firm expects to be a major player in the digital economy.

MasterCard recently partnered with Coinbase to allow its card users to purchase NFTs on the upcoming trading platform platform.

Digital assets are becoming increasingly popular:

NFT-related trademark applications have already exceeded last year’s filings.

In 2021, only 1,65 applications were submitted, while 2022 already saw more than 2,000 applications submitted.

An increasing number of well-established institutions have entered metaverses this year.

Singapore’s DBS Group, the largest bank in Southeast Asia, recently announced that it is looking into a virtual reality project.

Prior to DBS’ announcement, JPMorgan and HSBC had set up virtual spaces in Decentraland and The Sandbox, respectively.

Citi Group stated in a report that the metaverse market has the potential to grow to as much as $13 trillion by 2030, while its users could reach 5 billion.

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