Mozilla Foundation Resumes Crypto Donations But Still Rejects Bitcoin

Mozilla Foundation Resumes Crypto Donations But Still Rejects Bitcoin

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Answer Mozilla Foundation Resumes Crypto Donations But Still Rejects Bitcoin

she decided The Mozilla Foundation will resume accepting cryptocurrency donations in the near future, according to a blog post by CEO Mark Surman.

But the Mozilla Foundation still bans power-hungry cryptocurrencies via its Proof of Work mechanism, which means it won’t return Bitcoin donations.

Ethereum, the second largest Proof of Work cryptocurrency, is expected to switch to Proof of Stake later this year.

The power consumption is expected to decrease by 99.95% after the long-awaited upgrade.

Surman explains that proof-of-work cryptocurrencies can significantly increase an organization’s greenhouse gas impact, preventing it from fulfilling an organization’s climate commitments.

The Mozilla Foundation will accept a donation of a list of quota-based cryptocurrencies by the end of the second quarter of 2022.

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The non-profit organization behind the popular Firefox web browser started accepting cryptocurrency donations in 2014.

But it pulled the plug on cryptocurrencies in early January after a tweet caused a backlash from the Mozilla Foundation.

The founder of Mozilla criticized the foundation for supporting giants of Ponzi systems that are burning the planet.

The decision to suspend donations due to criticism also proved controversial, with several members of the crypto community accusing the foundation of capitulating to the internet mob.

Dogecoin co-founder Billy Marcus was among those who opposed the Mozilla Foundation stopping accepting crypto donations.

The recent decision to exclude Proof of Work cryptocurrencies is likely to upset the Bitcoin community.

The animal-rescue charity International Animal Rescue (IAR) has also previously announced that it will stop supporting cryptocurrency donations due to climate concerns.

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