Ledger announces partnership with The Sandbox…Details here

Ledger announces partnership with The Sandbox…Details here

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Answer Ledger announces partnership with The Sandbox…Details here

Ledger, one of the largest providers of hardware cryptocurrency wallets, has announced a partnership with The Sandbox, which offers Metaverse and NFT games.

This move is expected to help users increase security and self-guard their digital assets.

At the “Non-Fungible” conference in Lisbon, a statement Ian Rogers, chief experience officer at Ledger, said the new collaboration aims to bring hardware wallet manufacturer security to blockchain gaming.

Ledger also plans to provide “Ledger Nanos” intended for SAND owners as part of the deal, while “The Sandbox” will be running its own metaverse to educate people about cryptocurrency and keep it on Ledger wallets.

The “Sandbox” team tweeted:

We’re partnering with Ledger to secure metaverses, increase security, education, and support for users! They will build a center on their land, providing users with support along with learning and fun experiences within The Sandbox.

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The partnership will also focus on raising awareness and educating users about security in Metaverse.

This news comes just two weeks after the British banking organization HSBC announced plans to enter the “Metaverse” through a partnership with “The Sandbox”.

According to the report, the bank revealed its intention to buy a plot of land in the “Metaverse” of the Blockchain Games Company in an attempt to interact with sports, esports and gaming enthusiasts.

For Ledger, this latest move is its first attempt with metaverse after expanding its services from traditional cryptocurrencies to non-fungible tokens (NFT).

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