MicroStrategy buys $190 million worth of Bitcoin at $45,714

MicroStrategy buys $190 million worth of Bitcoin at $45,714

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Answer MicroStrategy buys $190 million worth of Bitcoin at $45,714

Once again, MicroStrategy, led by one of Bitcoin’s most vocal and enthusiastic supporters, Michael Saylor, is buying Bitcoin again.

The company bought bitcoin through its subsidiary “MacroStrategy” according to to issue accident.

The news was announced by Michael Saylor, the company’s CEO and Bitcoin supporter.

MacroStrategy has bought a total of $190 million worth of bitcoin which translates to 4,167 bitcoin at an average price of $45,714.

Today, the company owns a total of 129,218 bitcoins worth approximately $4 billion, with an average price of around $30,700.

Earlier in March, the subsidiary, MacroStrategy, announced that it had received a $205 million loan to guarantee its bitcoin holdings and that it was trying to use the money to buy more bitcoin.

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