Important step: Cardano now supports dApps

Important step: Cardano now supports dApps

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Answer Important step: Cardano now supports dApps

In a post on Monday afternoon, the Milkomeda Foundation announced the launch of C1, a sidechain compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine and connected directly to the Cardano blockchain.

The post described the second-tier dissolution as a pivotal moment and an important step in Cardano’s career.

Users can now seamlessly move assets between two blockchains (Cardano and Ethereum), making it possible to run popular Ethereum-based dApps on top of Cardano.

This is achieved through encapsulated smart contracts, which were recently invented by Milkomeda.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Input Output, congratulated DcSpark, a product-based blockchain company that is the primary contributor to the Milkomeda protocol, and described the launch of the C1 layer solution as a major development for Cardano.

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In February, Milkomeda Corporation announced a partnership with an interoperability protocol to make it possible to seamlessly connect Cardano’s assets to the Ethereum network.

The bridge between Cardano and Ethereum was launched in beta mode in February.

The introduction of a layer 2 Ethereum virtual machine solution was a major bullish catalyst for Cardano.

The price of the ADA cryptocurrency has increased by more than 32% over the past week, according to data provided by CoinMarketCap, outperforming other major coins.

According to the announcement, the first 10,000 titles in the queue will be able to start interacting with “Milkomeda” from scratch.

The team plans to remove the queue as soon as possible.

To be able to use the Ethereum assets, users have to set up their MetaMask wallet using the Milkomeda C1 and transfer their assets from the main Cardano network.

In the coming months, Milkomeda will add support to Algorand and Solana, ensuring greater interoperability.

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