Colombian users sue Binance for blocking their funds…Details here

Colombian users sue Binance for blocking their funds…Details here

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Answer Colombian users sue Binance for blocking their funds…Details here

One of the worst things one can face is receiving a sudden email telling that their cryptocurrency is inaccessible because they are associated with illegal activities.

This is exactly what happened to a group of young Colombians who used to trade cryptocurrency on Binance and are currently not very happy with their assets being frozen.

For more than five months, a group of Colombian users reported on social media that their accounts were blocked by Binance because, according to Binance, they received money from illegal activities.

Some even stated that money from their accounts was deducted without any of their permission.

Several Binance users have confirmed being banned for more than 5 months:

Among those affected was Andrea Torrente, who said in a statement: an interview With Criptonoticias that 15 days ago, she had to resort to legal channels through her lawyer to try to get her banned account back.

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However, it has not received an official response from the legal representative of Binance in Colombia or from the relevant authorities.

In addition, she said, the only accounts that were unblocked were those of people who did not receive a ban notice from FIOD.

Some banned users have up to a million dollars in their accounts.

One user said he had over $1 million in Binance when his account was suspended.

This made it impossible for him to take advantage of the bitcoin rally and make gains, as did many others such as Juan Pompeo, whose $143,000 cryptocurrency was seized, and who, according to his statement, was left literally bankrupt.

These affected traders were told that they had the means to prove the origin of their funds through their financial statements.

So they haven’t lost everything yet, and they can actually make some money if they can prove that they lost the opportunity to make a profit due to the negligence of the platform, which acted and banned these accounts on the order of the Netherlands-based regulator FIOD.

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