Heads of Citi’s cryptocurrency platform announce their withdrawal from the project

Heads of Citi’s cryptocurrency platform announce their withdrawal from the project

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Answer Heads of Citi’s cryptocurrency platform announce their withdrawal from the project

Greg Girasole and Alex Cretey, who were leading the recently launched group of digital assets for Wall Street giant Citi, announced their departure from the company.

Resigning and getting ready to start your own startup:

According for post “Kriti” on LinkedIn, the duo is completely ready to create their own startup in the field of Blockchain and the cryptocurrency space.

And from the Cretan publication:

Over five years ago, my personal interest and subsequent writing on blockchain-powered digital assets led to an amazing network of colleagues across Citi companies, third-party companies, and interested clients, at which time I would take advantage of a new challenge professionally by creating a new company in the field.

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The former Citi CEO also said that he believes in the importance of digital currencies and stated that the sector will continue to grow in global capital markets and form new business models.

He added that he was excited to help this market mature.

Regardless of Girasole and Crete, several former Citi executives had previously left the company to pursue cryptocurrency.

Matt Zhang, the former head of product at Citi, founded a crypto-focused investment platform called Hivemind dedicated to blockchain technology, crypto companies, and the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

In addition, Citi veteran Christopher Perkins announced he is leaving the company after nearly 13 years to join New York-based crypto investment fund CoinFund as president and managing partner.

Citi and Cryptocurrency:

Citi broke into the cryptocurrency space in June 2021 after announcing the launch of a new business unit dedicated to crypto and blockchain.

The initiative, called digital asset group Part of the company’s wealth management division.

Previously, Alex Crete and Greg Girasole were tasked with leading the latest product development unit and working closely with Citi’s functional partners and the broader Citi and Capital Markets investment management team.

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Five months later, Citi revealed plans to grow its digital assets team by adding 100 new employees.

The main objective behind this move was to engage with important internal and external stakeholders including clients, startups and regulators.

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